What do you do when your life in high-fashion comes to a skull-punctured end? Track down the Merc that ruined your career and take vengeance, pissed-off Parisian style.

‘Rogue en Vogue’ is a five week event that has you hacking into the MercSERV database, unlocking exclusive Trinkets and Loadout Cards as you work towards finding the culprit.

  • London’s Most Wanted

    Help to decide on the culprit
    through playing in matches

  • Decryption Cycles

    Earn a brand new currency
    for the duration of the event

  • Suspect Equipment Cases

    Unlock Cases containing one of the four Mercs in rotation


    Unlock Trinkets using Cycles as you crack MercSERV’s database

  • Culprit Case

    Unlock a Case containing a unique Card for the guilty Merc, openable after the event

  • Suspect event case boosters

    Increase your chances of having a Suspect Event Case drop in matches

A lightning quick Sniper savant with a taste for chic and a chip on her shoulder, Aimee delivers disruption en route for her team. Her Snitch device contains a neural disruptor
that softens up Mercs as well as spotting them, bidding her opponents adieu.

  • Every week, four new suspects are put into free rotation.

  • The Merc most taken in squads during the week will be listed as a Prime Suspect.

  • The most-taken Merc of that week is then revealed to be the Culprit.

  • In the fifth week, all four Prime Suspects are put in free rotation.

Want to know everything about a Merc’s background? Field specialities, completed contracts, fashion icons they’ve murdered in Paris perhaps?
You need to be MercSERV - Merc contractors to the world.

Otherwise, you’ll need to crack their database... Cycles - datapackets to speed up the process of decryption - are a limited time currency only available during the event.

  • earn cycles by playing in matches over the next five weeks

  • look out for special missions that grant cycles

  • buy more cycles with credits in the store to bump your total

Inside this locked box lies the Merc that started it all - Aimee’s sworn nemesis.

Week five of the event will determine the Culprit. Soon after, the case can be unlocked, containing a completely new Limited Edition Culprit Loadout Card for that Merc.

Crack three levels of MercSERV security using Cycles, unlocking Trinkets for each as you go.


    For baiting the world’s inbox cloggers. Enlarge THIS!


    An inverse black hole for the monsters of the digital realm.


    Dares hackers to enter its bit-fanged traffic gate.

Suspect Equipment Cases give you a 1% chance to get your hands on a Limited Edition Suspect Loadout Card for one of the four Mercs in free rotation each week.

In Week 5, all four variants of Suspect Equipment Case will be available for purchase.

Suspect Event Cases, guaranteeing a Suspect Loadout Card, will randomly drop to lucky players in matches throughout the event.

Improve your chances of getting one with boosters, which can be stacked to increase them further!

See your Mercs through the watchful eye of Aimee’s Snitch, with Limited Edition Suspect Loadout Cards, only available during the event.


Suspect Elite Cases give you a greater chance of getting a Suspect Loadout Card for one of the four Mercs in free rotation. In Week 5, all four variants of Suspect Elite Case will be available in the store.


On the first day of every Event-Week, grab a double deal on Elite Case Bundles. 5-Case Bundles contain a Suspect Event Case, and 10-Case Bundles contain two!


The holy grail of cases, these blue beauties guarantee a Suspect Loadout Card for one of the four Mercs in free rotation. Get them in match drops (improving your chances with Boosters), or in Suspect Elite Case Bundles.

Never forgive. Never forget. For US$4.99.

Commemorate the untimely death of Paris’s premiere couturier with a Trinket that’s the height of fashion, only available during the event. Style aside, this thing means business -

  • Every kill you make is highlighted in the obituaries for all players.

  • A Cycle bonus is applied in every match, for the duration of the event.

Revenge never looked so exclusive...

Buy the Vengeance Obsidian pack for US$14.99, containing the Merc Aimee and an Obsidian Culprit Case. This can be unlocked after the event to reveal a one-off Obsidian variant of the Culprit Card.