Ranked Season 2 Ends Soon

Time is running out, with Ranked Season 2 ending on the 1st of June at the following:

  • London (BST, UTC +1): 10:30 AM Thursday, June 1
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 2:30 AM Thursday, June 1
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 7:30 PM Thursday, June 1

When the Season ends, you'll receive a Trinket and extra Ranked Points for the highest Rank you attained. This will be delivered to your account in the following 24 hours.

It's important to note that the maximum cap of 6000 Ranked Points will still apply, so make sure to spend enough Ranked Points to guarantee your full payout before the season ends.

The Ranked Season 2 Store will remain open until the start of Ranked Season 3, giving you one last chance to purchase Ranked 2 items before they disappear.

Ranked Points will carry over into the next Season, so any remaining unspent Points won't be lost.

Ranked Season 3 will begin in the next few weeks - We'll be detailing the improvements and additions closer to the time.

The Dockyard Update

Flaming hell!

In an earth-shattering arrival, the latest Objective map is here. With the freshly smouldering wreckage of the CDA airship laying in the docks, a war over what remains is set to erupt.

New Objective Map: Dockyard

Click to View at Full-Size

Set in the dilapidated docks of East London, Dockyard continues Jackal's desperate bid for the CDA secrets aboard the airship.

In this three-stage Objective and Stopwatch map, Jackal need to airlift the CDA's armored 'Holodrive' from the wreckage, using only an EV, military grade C4, and a ton of bullets.

Objective 1: Repair the EV

Dockyard Preview #4

Our 'Fire in the Skies' event has drawn to a close, but with it comes the fourth and final Dockyard Preview!

Dockyard will be released in May.

In case you missed them, watch the first three Dockyard previews below:

Dockyard Preview #3

You've played hard and earned 5,000 Blue Boat Trinkets! So, here's your third preview of Dockyard.

When the Fire in the Skies Event ends on Tuesday 2nd of May, we'll release the final preview video.

Dockyard will be released in May.

Dockyard Preview #2

Because you collected 15,000 Wrecking Ball Trinkets together, you've unlocked the second preview of Dockyard's gameplay spaces.

When you hit 5000 Blueboat Trinkets, you'll unlock Part 3!

Dockyard will be released in May.