News / June 28th Fine Tuning Update

June 28th Fine Tuning Update

From this week we're going to be testing out more regular fine tuning releases, to tackle bugs and make small changes between our larger feature updates.

This zero downtime update was to fix a couple of issues and improve Ranked match balance.

User Interface

  • Fixed bug where different XP scores were shown between the end of the game and post-game Lobby
  • Fixed bug where Credits Boosters could not be activated
    • Credit Boosters are now re-enabled in the Store
  • Fixed bug where you could Craft a Loadout Card for an incorrect Merc
  • Fixed bug where Friends playing Ranked were shown to be in the main menu and not in a match

Text and Localization

  • Fixed bug where 'Character Detail' and 'Animation Quality' used the same tool-tip description
  • Fixed bug where in some languages the amount of XP left until your next level didn't fit the tool-tip


  • Updated Ranked Matchmaking algorithm to improve match balance
    • This will make queue times slightly longer, however we're keeping a close eye on this and will adjust accordingly