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Upcoming Merc Pricing Changes

Next week, we're releasing an update that includes the reworked Dome.

In this update, launching on August 22, we're also making some big changes to the cost of Mercs in the Store.

Smaller Steps

We launched on Steam in 2015 with 12 Mercs split into two price tiers. Since then, we've almost doubled the number of playable Mercs in the game, all releasing at the higher price point.

Over the years, many newer players have felt that most Mercs seem unattainable; Once the 'cheap' Mercs have been purchased, the jump to the next price point felt too steep. Some of the cheaper and less team-focused Mercs (we're looking at you, Vassili), have also been bought by newer players to the detriment of their teams. To improve this, we're introducing a five-tiered price point system for the Mercs.

Five Tiers of Frags

From the 22nd of August, we'll be breaking down Mercs into the following tiers:

50,000 C / US$9.99 45,000 C / US$8.99 40,000 C / US$7.99 35,000 C / US$6.99 30,000 C / US$5.99 Free
Turtle Nader Phoenix Arty Bushwhacker Skyhammer
Kira Proxy Fragger Fletcher Sawbonez Aura
Vassili Stoker Aimee Thunder Rhino
Phantom Redeye Sparks

These tiers are based on a number of factors, including general difficulty and how long they've been in the game.

Alongside these changes, we'll be updating our Steam DLC bundles to suit, and replacing the existing in-store bundles to the following:

Store Bundles

Veterans Bundle - US$19.99 (save 50%)

  • 5 x Mercs (Sawbonez. Arty, Proxy, Rhino, Aimee)
  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 1 x 6 Hour Booster

Strikeforce Bundle - US$29.99 (save 50%)

  • 5 x Mercs (Fragger, Fletcher, Kira, Phoenix, Redeye)
  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 2 x Elite Cases
  • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
  • 10,000 Credits

Firestorm Bundle - US$29.99 (save 50%)

  • 5 x Mercs (Thunder, Vassili, Sparks, Nader, Stoker)
  • 10 x Golden Equipment Cases
  • 2 x Elite Cases
  • 1 x 12 Hour Booster
  • 10,000 Credits

If you want to get in early and purchase a Merc that will raise in price, or one of the many that will get cheaper (hey, we're not ones to judge if you like spending money!), you have until August 22.

Any thoughts on the new pricing? Let us know and discuss with others in the Official Forums.