News / Merc Rotations: Now Every Week!

Merc Rotations: Now Every Week!

The past few months have seen some of the most rapid changes to Dirty Bomb in its development history, and we've got another one coming this week.

From this Wednesday, we're moving to weekly Free Rotations, effectively doubling the number of Mercs you can try out for free every month!

With the change, the game should feel fresher week-to-week, and show newer players a broader range of Mercs faster.

Nader, Proxy and Sawbonez are your first weekly rotation - We hope you enjoy the change!


Nader Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

When Nader left the army, she thought she’d never fire a weapon again. She studied business law. Graduated with honors. Moved to London with her wife to set up a business arbitration and mediation consultancy. Then came the Dirty Bomb incident, the evacuation, and an invasion of PMC contractors vying for government contracts. Right woman, right job, right place, right time, right? So it came as a shock to all concerned when she went back to field work. Why? She can’t completely explain it. It’s not the money (magnificent). It’s not the risk (considerable). It’s about being all you can be, not settling for a safe alternative, even if the riskier alternative can be, well, lethal. And you thought YOU had a hard time explaining your decisions to your significant other.


Proxy Gameplay and Review by Kandyrew

Quick-witted, impatient, naturally competitive, Proxy thrives under pressure. A native Londoner, she saved her family from the Dirty Bomb contamination by swiftly improvising a CBRN filtration system from bin liners, a domestic vacuum cleaner, and duct tape. She's proved just as resourceful on the battlefield, making her one of the most in-demand combat engineers working today, despite a revenge-driven run-in with Aimee leaving her with a single operational eye.


Dirty Bomb: All About Sawbonez by TheKoolaidLine

There are many ways to be dishonorably discharged from the US Army Medical Corps, but anaesthetizing your commanding officer and surgically removing one of his kidneys to save the life of a lowly private soldier is surely one of the more elaborate. Sawbonez never did think red tape went well with a white coat.