Merc work is serious business, and Nader has the grenade launcher to prove it.



  • Grenade Launcher

    A handy grenade launcher; that shoots state of the art grenades excellent for…blowing stuff up.

  • Martydom

    Nader can self detonate when downed taking out any enemies ( or allies)  that stray too close to her.


Klaudia Sauer
175cm (5'9)
77 kg (169lb)
Munich, Germany

When Nader left the army, she thought she’d never fire a weapon again. She studied business law. Graduated with honors. Moved to London with her wife to set up a business arbitration and mediation consultancy. Then came the Dirty Bomb incident, and the rise of MercSERV. Right woman, right job, right place, right time, right? So it came as a shock to all concerned when she went back to field work. Why? She can’t completely explain it. It’s not the money (magnificent). It’s not the risk (considerable). It’s about being all you can be, not settling for a safe alternative, even if the riskier alternative can be, well, lethal. And you thought you had a hard time explaining your decisions to your significant other.

Nader specializes in close quarters area denial, locking down choke-points with her grenade launcher. It takes a while for the ability to recharge, so she should always be near a reliable piece of cover. Equally useful for breaking up attacks or groups of defenders, she’s a shock trooper best used in the thick of the action.