A good man to have by your side if things get tough, if he gets knocked down he gets right back up again.



  • Healing Pulse

    A wave of healing energy that heals nearby allies, it can be charged to maximise it’s effect.

  • Defibrillators

    State of the art defibrillators that can revive downed team mates.

  • Self Revive

    Phoenix is able to revive himself from the downed state, perfect for tricky combat situations.


Gonzalo Ramos
182cm (6 ft)
87 kg (191lb)
Madrid, Spain

The Spanish medical community banished Phoenix for his unorthodox methods, ruinous malpractice settlements, and for generally being a superior asshole. But this disgraced former cosmetic surgeon has risen again. His experimental nanite facial rejuvenation serum has proved to be remarkably and unexpectedly effective at returning battlefield casualties to life. And now that Turtle has crafted him a replacement leg, Phoenix can admit that no matter how disappointed he was with that calf tattoo, he shouldn’t have tried to remove it himself. Now that Phoenix is making his name as a much-sought-after battlefield medic, he’s showing those Madrid Medical Council suits he was right all along. They’re just glad he’s killing people on the battlefield rather than in surgery.

Phoenix is a highly effective combat medic, able to heal and revive his teammates even in the thick of combat. He can also self-revive, bringing himself back into the fight without assistance from other Mercs. Even when he’s down, he’s not out.