Proxy knows two things for sure, she can repair anything and people don’t look down nearly as often as they should.



  • Proximity mines

    Flat round mines that stick to a variety of surfaces, excellent for laying traps and protecting objectives.


Elisabeth "Proxy" Wells
July 9th, 1995
167cm (5'6)
55 kg (121lb)
Bermondsey, London

Quick-witted, impatient, naturally competitive, Proxy thrives under pressure. A native Londoner, she saved her family from the Dirty Bomb contamination by swiftly improvising a CBRN filtration system from bin liners, a domestic vacuum cleaner, and duct tape. She’s proved just as resourceful on the battlefield, making her one of the most in-demand combat engineers working today.

In April 2021, Proxy was hired by fashion designer Max Bashski to assassinate his own bodyguard, French sniper Aimee. The operation went wrong and Proxy ended up killing Bashski instead. In retaliation Aimee took out one of Proxy’s eyes. Ever resourceful, she was able to leverage a favor to get a cybernetic replacement from fellow Merc Turtle.

Proxy is a Glass Cannon: fast, agile, and particularly deadly around corners, near bottlenecks and indoors. Her Proximity Mines can be rapidly dropped to delay, damage and deal death to the enemy. She should always stay mobile, avoiding enemy fire rather than engaging in protracted firefights.