Red Eye

The last thing his enemies see before they die is a piercing red light in the smoke.



  • Smoke Grenade

    When thrown it emits a thick smoke, ideal for confusing enemy Mercs and providing cover for his team.

  • IR Goggles

    Redeye’s goggles highlight enemy Mercs, useful for maintaining line of sight on a smoke filled battlefield.


Peter Harrison
16th September 1972
175.2cm (5'9)
89 kg (196lb)

The dossier on Redeye’s lengthy service in the Australian SAS is a thick one. Time after time he earned field promotions for outstanding bravery, until being busted back down to Trooper for insubordination, or refusal to follow orders, or both. By the time of his discharge for knowing too much about everyone in the regiment, he had an average rank of corporal, but no pension. Now that he’s taken to the private sector he’s his own boss for a change. Too bad his sole employee is a total buffoon who hates his waste-of-space boss.

Redeye can use his Smoke Grenade ability to conceal his friends and blind his enemies, and his Infrared sight and marksman rifle to take out foes from a distance. He’s a tactical interrupter, capable of suddenly concealing his teammates’ movements while disrupting the enemy.