The mark of a truly great Merc is someone who knows when to ask for help from their friends; especially when those friends can deliver a devastating airstrike.



  • Air Strike

    The air strike marker can be thrown like a grenade. Whilst Skyhammer is inside it acts like a low powered Grenade, when he’s outside it guides a powerful airstrike from above obliterating enemies and objectives alike.

  • Ammo Pack

    Skyhammer never lets a team mate run short of ammo, he can throw ammo packs directly at allies or throw them on the floor for later use. Enemy Mercs are able to use these ammo packs, meaning Skyhammer has to think tactically when using them.


Glenn Harewood
9th October 1986
180cm (5' 11)
97kg (213lb)
Dundee, Scotland

As veteran fire support controller Skyhammer explained to the regimental Court Martial, “Nothing goes just a little bit wrong with an airstrike.” Now operating in the private sector, his teammates benefit from his steely nerve and wealth of hardened tactical experience. He used to fight for Queen and Country, now it’s for the paper that bears her image, and whoever has the most of them.

A go-to guy for massive frontline firepower and ammo resupply, Skyhammer’s airstrikes are great at tying down enemies in the open, knocking out Extraction Vehicles, and defending/clearing outdoor objective areas. Airstrikes won’t work indoors, but he can still keep his teammates stocked with ammo, and is a crack shot with his Assault Rifle at range. His airstrike marker will act as a low damage grenade indoors, and have a much shorter cooldown when an airstrike is not summoned.