Extra Credits Weekend

With a First Edition Week coming on the 22nd, we thought you might want to top up your Credit Balance before you get crafting.

So from Friday to Tuesday you'll get 50% extra Credits in every match you play.

Credit Boosters are available in the store, and double the new boosted rate. Meaning that if you get one, you'll be earning 3x the base Credit amount throughout the entire weekend!

Event Duration

  • London (GMT, UTC): 09:00 Friday, November 17 - 09:00 Tuesday, November 21
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7): 01:00 Friday, November 17 - 01:00 Tuesday, November 21
  • Beijing (CST, UTC +8): 17:00 Friday, November 17 - 17:00 Tuesday, November 21
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC +10): 20:00 Friday, November 17 - 20:00 Tuesday, November 21

Win Everything in Dirty Bomb

Are you a little short on Credits? Maybe a few Mercs short of a full Barracks? Now's your chance to win it all.

Click this link and follow the various steps for your chance to win the following items:

Every Merc*, 40 Elite Cases, Three Trinkets, 50 Crafting Kits, 20 in-game Credit Boosters and 500,000 Credits.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win everything in Dirty Bomb!

*Aimee, Arty, Bushwhacker, Fletcher, Fragger, Guardian, Javelin, Kira, Nader, Phantom, Phoenix, Proxy, Red Eye, Rhino, Sawbonez, Sparks, Stoker, Thunder, Turtle, Vassili

Extra Ranked Points Week *NOW ENDED*


Want to fast-track scoring that Limited Edition Ranked Season 4 content? This weekend is your best opportunity! From Wednesday 8th November to Wednesday 15th November, get 50% extra Ranked Points in every Ranked match you play.


  • London (GMT, UTC): 17:30 Wed, November 8 - 17:30 Wed, November 15
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7): 09:30 AM Wed, November 8 - 09:30 AM Wed, November 15
  • Beijing (CST, UTC +8): 02:30 AM Wed, November 8 - 02:30 AM Wed, November 15
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC +10): 04:30 AM Wed, November 8 - 04:30 AM Wed, November 15


Team Result Win Draw Loss
Points Earned 75 (from 50) 45 (from 30) 15 (from 10)

November 6th Fine Tuning Update

New post-game information and breakdowns, Javelin tweaks and additional changes headline this week's Fine Tuning Update.

Post-Match Screen Changes

So we heard you like stats...

We've added a new section to the post-match screen that contains a more detailed breakdown of every player's match statistics, along with some additional improvements.

  • Added new post-match 'Advanced Stats' screen
  • Added a new post-match breakdown of credits earned
  • Added new post-match XP progression bar
  • Fixed bug where no notification was displayed for dropped Equipment Cases in post match screen

Weapon Stats

Weapon Stats in your Profile are now being recorded again, after a change to the codebase left them unable to log data. Sadly, as the system was not logging during the down time, your stats for that period can't be retroactively added to your profile.

As before, Merc Ability Weapon Stats are not being recorded. We will be removing these from the profile section in a future update.

Updated Telemetry System

In a recent Developer Update video we talked about the upcoming changes to our in-game telemetry system.

The Jackal's Eve Event - Now Over

We are always looking to fine-tune our events to make them as enjoyable as possible! After your feedback, we've tweaked some bits and pieces in The Jackal's Eve Event to improve it. Check out the changes below:

The Guardian Update

The latest Merc to join London's finest, Guardian's laser-toting drone and set of offensive weaponry lets her go boldly where no Medic has gone before.

She's joined by another batch of small fixes and updates, check them out!

New Merc: Guardian

Guardian: The Combat Medic

With Guardian releasing on October 10th, we sat down with a number of people on the dev team to give you a little bit of insight into her character, design and arsenal.

Community previews with early Guardian code

Character and Role

The last medic to make their bow in Dirty Bomb was Phoenix, back in September 2015.

Since then, Dirty Bomb has welcomed a number of new Mercs, many of whom have altered the game in dramatic ways. We wanted the same for a new medic; effective in a number of roles, with special abilities that alter the flow and feel of Dirty Bomb when they're in play.

Enter Guardian.

Doubleclip Weekend - NOW OVER

Missed your chance for a Limited Edition Ghostclip skin? Want to try for another Merc?

The Ghostclip Event is being extended by five full days. Not only that, but the frequency of Ghostclip Equipment Cases dropping at the end of matches will be doubled!

So play as much as you can this weekend, and earn twice the number of cases!

Phoenix Obsidian Operative Update

This update includes the brand new Obsidian Operative Phoenix, and a fix for an issue that's been live since the launch of Casual Matchmaking.

Phoenix Obsidian Operative

The unkillable Spaniard rises again!

Phoenix's Obsidian Operative Loadout Cards are in Store NOW.