FACEIT Season 10 and Bonus Weekend 10

The forecast is showers, FACEIT Point showers! As we move in to April so will start the tenth month-long season and to kick it all off, an ever improved tenth bonus weekend with more points on offer and more time to play than ever before. We’ve also made a small change to the FACEIT set-up […]

Dirty Bomb Server Hosting Update

A topic that has been discussed frequently is that of Dirty Bomb’s server options. Like many of you, we want to see Dirty Bomb enjoyed without worry of when or where the last game will take place, and we understand that the possibility of Dirty Bomb’s dedicated support ending is a concern that’s shared across the […]

1st Edition Crafting

One thing we talked about a lot as we ramped down Dirty Bomb is how we provide the best, most complete experience we could for players. Adding old content, re-releasing Obsidians, removing real money transactions all aided that, but lots of people kept on asking for 1st Edition Cards. 1st Edition Cards contain different Loadouts […]

Unreleased Map: Agency

In our final piece of big, unreleased content we wanted to share with you all what would have been Dirty Bomb’s next map; Agency. This is just a taste of the art, so head over to our ArtStation page to see more. Agency was to be a new objective / stopwatch map set in Central London.  […]

Unreleased Merc: Ember

Last week Dirty Bomb went fully free as a celebration of all of the time we as developers and you as fans have put into the title. Alongside that we also lifted the lid on the development, sharing with you all the Game Design Document, Art Book and Soundtrack. One of the other things that the […]