News / Merc Rotation: Fletcher, Stoker & Thunder

Merc Rotation: Fletcher, Stoker & Thunder

It's time for another Merc Rotation!


Fletcher Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Immaculately stylish Nigerian combat engineer guy: efficient, impeccable, maybe just a bit arrogant, he's a swaggering salesman for his own services. Perhaps his self-confidence will rub off on his teammates. But can anyone really be as good as Fletcher claims he is?


Stoker Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Each trade has their longstanding professional dilemmas. Every Fire Support officer wonders if one day, sooner or later, they'll have to call in an airstrike on their own position to save the rest of their unit. Not a decision to be taken lightly, and particularly not with White Phosphorus. It was, apparently, a decision Stoker was happy to make. When he talks about what incendiary explosives can do, listen to him. He knows what he's talking about.


Thunder Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Thunder tells anyone who'll listen (and you really have no choice, THE DUDE'S LOUD) that he's ex-Spetsnaz. He's kind of vague on precisely which unit, or where he served, but he's so useful under fire that nobody gets too worked up. His English really is very good, if heavily accented. In fact, no one has ever actually heard him speak or seen him read Russian, including Sparks, who definitely does. Her theory? A lot of passports suddenly became available in the chaos that followed the Dirty Bomb attacks, providing some with an irresistible chance for a clean slate... So, he's Thunder and he's Russian. Got it? Good.