News / September 8th Fine Tuning Update

September 8th Fine Tuning Update

Font fixes, matchmaking updates, and a refreshed Quick Open system round out this Fine Tuning Update.

Matchmaking Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where elements of the UI could disappear while searching for a game
  • Fixed bug where Party Leaders could not promote others to the rank of Party Leader
  • Fixed bug where the “Add Friend” option would overlap the friends list
  • Fixed bug where players would not be informed when a Casual match was found while tabbed out
  • Fixed bug where the “Find Match” button would not appear in the post-game lobby after joining a match in progress
  • Fixed bug where the Friends List, notifications, and chat would overlap in the main menu
  • Added gameplay tips to the to the matchmaking screen


  • Merged fonts to bring back the previous in-game font for Latin languages, resolving kerning and alignment issues
    • This also resolves characters not appearing correctly for various Eastern-European languages
  • Quick Open is back! The interface has been updated to better present the Loadout Cards you've obtained
    • Right click Equipment Cases and select Quick Open to open the whole stack
  • Updated the 'Teammate Repairing' text to include the teammate's name
  • Updated the icon while Credit Boosters are active to be more visible

Dome Redux

  • Fixed bug where Defusing the C4 on the final objective could play the wrong Commander VO line
  • Fixed bug where the Dome Redux loading screen would not appear
  • Fixed bug where invisible water would stop bullets near the first objective

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scaling issue with the Tactical Combat Axe’s melee hitbox
  • Fixed bug where party matchmaking would not reset properly if one player disconnected
  • Fixed bug where Ranked penalties would apply to Casual Matchmaking as well
  • Fixed bug where all regions were unavailable for some players in Casual Matchmaking
  • Fixed bug where some regions were unavailable to players in Casual mode
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck on the Assault Course on their initial run
  • Fixed bug where Weapon Kits could not be used for Crafting Javelin Loadout Cards
  • Fixed bug where player Ranks were not displayed in Ranked post-game lobbies
  • Fixed bug where the Rocket Launcher's trail would still be heard if it instantly blew up when fired
  • Fixed bug where the searching dialogue text contained unnecessary information