In this update you’ll find a number of new features, shiny content and quality of life improvements, but enough of the introduction! Let’s get right into the mix..


If you’ve been watching our dev update videos then you’ll know all about FACEIT. If you don’t… then you really should subscribe to us.

FACEIT is the top system for you to play competitively online in a number of games, and by working closely with their team, we’ve now added Dirty Bomb to their roster. Later today their services will be switched on meaning once this happens and you’ve made a FACEIT account you’ll be able to join community hubs to play with and against friends, and find new players to join as you hone your skills in the premier competitive environment.

Especially for FACEIT we’ve implemented Drafting which includes Merc bans and prevents duplicate Mercs on the same team.. This means you’re going to have to think hard about what Mercs you want to ban, taking them away from yourselves and your opponents, and which ones to take into a match. If you’re missing a few Mercs and are worried you may get banned out, don’t worry! When you play on FACEIT any Merc can be selected, regardless of if you’ve unlocked them or not.

Want to earn shiny things for playing with FACEIT? WHO DOESN’T!! And we’re not going to disappoint. We’ve carefully crafted FACEIT Weapon Skins for each and every Primary and Secondary weapon which you can pick up in the FACEIT Store with FACEIT points. Play well, earn points and get exclusive content..

Tasty.. There’s also an exclusive FACEIT Trinket available for you to pick up if you really want to show off your competitive prowess..

More of FACEIT’s features will be added over time allowing us to run our own tournaments and more! So keep an eye out for official Dirty Bomb hubs and for announcements of when tournaments will be kicking off!

As we mentioned, FACEIT’s services will be turned on later today, so keep an eye on our social channels so you know exactly when you can get into competitive games!


For all of you content creators out there you’ve probably used Nvidia’s ShadowPlay feature as it’s great for capturing high quality footage while not killing your framerate. Well, we’ve been working closely with them to add more functionality which you’ll be able to make the most of and now you can use ShadowPlay Highlights when recording gameplay.

ShadowPlay Highlights only records when you do certain things. Get a triple kill? It’ll record it! Get last minute defuse? No problem, it’s captured! Run around and get killed 20 times in a row? Nar, we don’t need to take up your hard drive space with that. This makes recording footage and editing it a much smoother and easier process. You can also create a montage of the clips captured with ShadowPlay Highlights AND share it to your social channels right from the game. How sick is that?!

So enjoy and get capturing! Another frag movie competition is coming soon so get used to using it.


Steam Trading is here!! (It actually is this time too, I think..)

We’re very sorry for the delay. Regulations around Loot Boxes are different all over the place so making sure we tick all the boxes has been a little tricky, but all of our ducks are now in a row and we’re happy to say you can now trade away!

(Back in May) we announced that you’d be able to trade:

  • All KMA Weapon Skins
  • All CoreSec Weapon Skins
  • All Royal Force Weapon Skins
  • All Melee Mayhem Weapon Skins
  • All Aquila Weapon Skins
  • All Alice Weapon Skins

We’re hoping to increase the list of trade-able items in future, but don’t have anything planned for now.


Skyhammer Obsidian Operative? CHECK! Proxy Obsidian Operative? CHECK! Aura Obsidian Operative?! HELL YES!!

We don’t think words can explain how awesome Aura looks, so we’re going to let the above image do the talking for us.

The Aura Obsidian Operative is available in store now. Pick it up! Look epic! Kill! Revive! Enjoy!


You wanted it so we’ve gone and done it. Execution. Is. Back.

If you own a Community Server you will find new options allowing you to add Execution and all three original maps to your rotation. If you don’t own a server, you’ll need to search for ‘Execution’ with the ‘All Gamemodes’ tickbox selected in the server browser.

We’re not hosting any Execution servers ourselves, so the ball’s fully in your court to make the most of this feature. We hope you enjoy it! I for one am excited to jump back into Gallery to defend Pylon B from the balcony. It was always my favourite..


To celebrate Dirty Bomb coming out of Open Beta we’re offering you all the chance to pick up some goodies..

For all of our lovely new players, welcome! You’re starting your lucrative career as a money hungry mercenary for hire on the irradiated streets of London. As a starting bonus when you log in for the first time you’ll find a number of juicy items are already on your account to get you going. These are:

  • 1,000 RADs
    • RADs are our premium currency which you can use to pick-up Mercs, Loadout Cards and more in-game
  • A Weapon Case Key
    • Yup, we have some pretty awesome weapon skins and cases have a chance to drop after each match! This key will open one of those cases, giving you a shiny!
  • 14 Day Credit Booster
    • You earn Credits from playing in matches and like RADs you can use them to pick-up in-game content. This booster increase your earn rate by 50%


For all of our existing players (anyone whose made an account and played Dirty Bomb before the 1.0 release) you’ll receive all of the above, but with an extra special item thrown in too.

We know you want something unique to the Open Beta so players years from now will know you were here when it all started. So behold.. The Beta Veteran Trinket.

All of the Beta Rewards will be available for two weeks after the release:

  • London (BST, UTC+1): 09:30 Tuesday, August 28th – 09:30 Tuesday, September 11th
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7): 00:30 Tuesday, August 28th – 09:30 Tuesday, September 11th
  • Sydney (AEDT, UTC+11): 19:30 Tuesday, August 28th – 09:30 Tuesday, September 11th


With this update we’ve refreshed our DLC packs both on Steam and in-game. We’ve now got a selection of new bundles for you to choose from on both platforms and we hope you enjoy them! To go hand-in-hand with these updates we’ve also refreshed the pricing of some of our Mercs. They are:

Merc Old Costs (RADs / Credits) New Costs (RADs / Credits)
1,700 / 35,000
1,450 / 30,000
2,200 / 45,000
1,950 / 40,000
1,450 / 30,000
1,200 / 25,000
1,950 / 40,000
1,700 / 35,000


There’s a number of big ticket features going in to 1.0 which you’ve already read about above, but there’s also a number of extra little changes going in to tidy up the edges of the release. These include:

  • New and improved application icon
  • Removal of ‘BETA BUILD’ tags
  • Updated Steam Store text
  • Steam DLCs removed in place for RAD bundles
  • Added links to Merc biographies on Dirty Bomb website
  • Added developer credits




As part of a general change, we’re making sure each Recon has an enforced downtime on their Spotting abilities, so there’s now always a 5s window where Spotting is unavailable.

  • Reduce the lifespan of her SNITCH device to 15s (from 25)
  • Reduce the cooldown of her SNITCH device to 20s (from 25)


With his frequent Artillery Strikes, Arty was too good against objectives such as the EV, so we’ve increased his cooldown here.

  • Increase the cooldown of an Artillery Strike to 25s (from 20)


To help Guardian be more effective on attack, we’ve sped up her Sky Shield throw animation. Meaning she can deploy it an switch back to her primary weapon more quickly.

  • Reduce the Sky Shield throw animation to 0.65s (from 0.9s)


To improve her team utility, we’re doubling the amount of Ammo provided by Javelin.

  • Increase the magazine size of the Ammo Aura from 1/2 magazine to 1 magazine.


With the general changes to explosives, we’ve needed to tone down Nader a little so we’ve increased her cooldown here.

  • Increase Nade cooldown to 8s (from 7)


As part of a general change, we’re making sure each Recon has an enforced downtime on their Spotting abilities, so there’s now always a 5s window where Spotting is unavailable.

  • Reduce the duration of the Smoke Grenade to 9s (from 12)
  • Reduced the Cooldown activation cost of IR Goggles to 3s
  • Increased overall duration & Cooldown of IR Goggles to 15s


To improve her team-healing capabilities, we’re making Sparks Medkits more readily available with a shorter cooldown and increasing their healing amount for non-Medics. We’re lowing the maximum stack she can have at anyone one time to reduce the number of ‘pack piles’ she can deploy for use mid-combat.

  • Reduced Medkits cooldown to 8s (from 10s)
  • Increased Medkits health given to non-Medics to 50 (from 45)
  • Reduce the maximum number of Medkits to 3 (from 4)
  • Reduced the lifespan of all dropped Ammo & Health Packs to 30s (from 35s)


Like Arty, Stoker has also been more effective than intended, so we’re making some tweaks to the Molotov to lower it’s duration.

  • Reduce the Molotov duration to 7-9s (from 8-10)
  • Increase the Molotov cooldown to 40s (from 35)


To lessen the annoyance of facing a Thunder, we’ve toned down the radius of his Concussion Grenade and increased the cooldown. We’ll keep on eye on Thunder to see how this impacts his effectiveness.

  • Reduce Concussion Range to 350 from 400
  • Increase cooldown to 20 seconds from 17


As part of a general change, we’re making sure each Recon has an enforced downtime on their Spotting abilities, so there’s now always a 5s window where Spotting is unavailable.

  • Reduce the lifespan of the heartbeat sensor to 15s (from 17.5)
  • Increase the cooldown of the heartbeat sensor to 20s (from 17)



  • Updated explosive behaviour so players and deployables no longer block damage
  • Dramatically increased Jumping-Ironsight spread penalties for most weapons (excluding Sniper Rifles & Shotguns which already had these)
    • Jumping-Ironsight minimum spread increased by ~90%
    • Jumping-Ironsight maximum spread increased by ~550%


Certain melee weapons have been dramatically out-performing others, so we have made some significant changes.


  • Quick attack speed reduced by 20% (0.8 to 1.0s)
  • Heavy attack speed reduced by 20% (1.2 to 1.5s)

Cricket Bat

  • Quick attack speed reduced by 16% (0.83 to 0.97s)
  • Heavy attack speed reduced by 16% (0.93 to 1.1s)


  • Quick attack speed reduced by 10% (0.77 to 0.85s)
  • Heavy attack speed reduced by 10% (0.97 to 1.07s)


  • Light attack damage increased to 35 (from 30)
  • Heavy attack damage increased to 80 (from 75)

Stilnotto Stiletto

  • Quick attack speed increased by 10% (0.57 to 0.5s)
  • Heavy attack speed increased by 10% (1.0 to 0.9s)

Sniper Rifles

The two bolt-action Sniper Rifles are continuing to outperform other Rifles. To address this we’ve lowered their body-shot damage and increased the headshot multipliers to compensate, alongside some other tweaks.


  • Reduced body-shot damage to 55 (from 60)
  • Headshot damage remains 138
  • Increased magazine size to 6 (from 5)


  • Reduced body-shot damage to 65 (from 75)
  • Headshot damage reduced to 163 (from 173)


  • Reduced recoil by ~20%


With past changes, we’ve seen the performance of secondary weapons shift over time. These tweaks help address some of the bigger issues with secondary weapon balance.

Tølen MP

  • Increased maximum spread by ~10%


  • Reduced recoil by ~5%


  • Reduced maximum spread by ~5%


  • Reduced recoil by ~10%
  • Reduced maximum spread by ~10%

Simeon .357

  • Reduced recoil by ~5%

Other Weapons

Finally, some of the other weapons have required some minor tweaks to bring them in line within their class.


  • Increased effective range to 31m (from 29m)
  • Reduced reload time to 2.0s (from 2.2s)

Stark AR

  • Increased effective range to 32m (from 30m)
  • Reduced reload time to 2.0s (from 2.2s)


  • Increased recoil by ~5%


We’ve made a few tweaks to Augments to balance our their effectiveness.

  • Increased Enigma Augment to shorten Spotting duration by 80% (from 60%)
  • Increased Untrackable Augment to have deployables react 40% slower to you (from 35%)
  • Reduced Lock-on Augment to have a 20% faster deployable reaction time (from 30%)


We’ve adjusted XP earning rates to bring up some of the lowest-earning Mercs and to reduce Vassili’s over the top Support XP gain.

  • Increased Rhino Suppressing Fire XP to 50XP (from 30XP)
  • Increased Thunder Concussion XP to 80XP (from 60XP)
  • Increased Redeye Smoke Grenade XP to 40XP (from 20XP)
  • Increased Hunter EMP Deployable XP to 120XP (from 100XP)
  • Reduced Vassili Spotting XP to 50XP (from 80XP)


  • Removed Steam Achievement for completing the tutorial
  • Removed Steam Store DLCs and added new in-game Merc bundles


  • Fixed issue where both Commanders would explain Objectives after a shuffle vote passed
  • Fixed issue where the completed Contract Credit amount was not shown after a match
  • Fixed issue where no confirmation message was shown when spending RADs to re-roll Contracts
  • Fixed issue where items were not showing in inventories with the correct filters selected
  • Fixed issue where an asset was missing collision
  • Fixed issue where Guardian’s Sky Shield had graphical issues on some machines
  • Fixed issue where Contracts did not update to ‘Completed’ on the post-match screen
  • Fixed issue where not completing a Training video would award a tick to the next video
  • Fixed issue where the Crafting pop-up would display twice
  • Fixed issue where MercServ was out-of-date on the Advancement Crate
  • Fixed issue where intro and outro cinematics would not display correctly on DX11
  • Fixed issue where UI elements would flicker in DX11
  • Fixed issue where the in-game timer would flicker in DX11
  • Fixed issue where joining a password protected server would issue a warning for ‘Incorrect Password’ before being prompted to input a password
  • Fixed issue where the game did not auto-detect language on initial launch
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Operator’ achievement was awarded after launching the game for the first time
  • Fixed issue where the Katana was not displayed in the ‘Weapons’ tab
  • Fixed issue where players could set their resolution to 0x0
  • Fixed multiple text issues


  • The FACEIT Weapon skin is not visible to other players on the Arevarov 9
  • The Ryburn’s magazine is not attached to the gun when previewing the FACEIT Weapon skin
  • Castle cannot currently be played on FACEIT
    • Due to player feedback we’re re-reviewing the requirements to get Castle added to the competitive map pool. We’ll update you when we know more!

Want to chat about it some more? Head on over to the official forums, or check out our social channels.