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Contracts, Account Levels and Credit Changes

The next update is making some big changes to Dirty Bomb, so we wanted to explain a few of them here in detail before they happen. These changes are all focused on rewarding players for playing the game; upping the Credit earn rate, and giving them short-mid term goals to play for!


In Dirty Bomb currently you have 3 ‘Missions’. These include things like earning XP as a specific Merc, or with a specific Merc in your Squad. We want these to be better, and forcing you guys to use specific Mercs to complete them meant many of you left them untouched. This meant it was taking some players longer to earn Credits to buy stuff.

Missions are now Contracts, and with the change are ditching Merc specific paths. Instead, players will get 3 Contracts when they first log in that focus more around playing how you want; earning overall XP, class specific XP and playtime.

These Contracts are worth different amounts of Credits when you complete them, plus you’ll get a bonus when you complete all 3. You’ll also be able to re-roll these Contracts with Tokens, which you get 1 of every 24 hours.

We wanted to ensure that you guys were earning Credits more regularly, and are rewarded for all the time you put into the game.


Credits Boosters and Earn Rate

Credit Boosters have long been a bone of contention for players. The bonus (which doubled the base earn rate) meant that players without a Credit Booster felt like they had to buy one just to keep up. That wasn’t fair, so we’ve looked at the way Credit Boosters work, and increased the base earn rate of Credits in the game.

Credit Boosters will now increase your earnings by 50%, down from 100%, and will tick down from the moment you activate them on a real-world clock – rather than time spent in matches. This means we’re changing the time that the Boosters are active for, while updating the ones that you already have:

Old Booster
New booster
1 Hour 1 Day
3 Hour 3 Day
6 Hour 7 Day
12 Hour 14 Day
18 Hour 30 Day

This makes the Credit Boosters far better value for everyone!

We’re also changing the base earn rate. The current rate is 12 Credits/min, and we’ll be increasing that to 19/min. That, with the addition of the new Consecutive Match Bonus, will see players earning 24 Credits/min just by playing. Throw in a Credit Booster on top of all that and you’ll be getting 34 Credits/min before bonuses.  We think this is a much fairer approach, so let us know what you think!


Account Levels

A few weeks back we announced that we were going to be making changes to the way Account Levels work. Currently the average player after Level 10 takes about 12 hours to level up in Dirty Bomb and earn themselves an Advancement Crate. We’ve listened to our players and decided that that is too long.

The changes we’re making will see the average player take about 3 hours to level up, earning the New Advancement Crate. Due to how often these drop, the contents will be reworked slightly. This will also affect any unopened Arsenal Crates in your inventory. If you want the old contents you will need to open them before the update next week.

New Contents
2,000 Credits
1x Loadout Case
5,000 Credits
100 RADs
3 Day Credit Booster
500 Fragments
200 RADs
5x Loadout cases
400 RADs
1x All-Merc Prime Loadout Case

There’s a load of other cool stuff coming in the next update (like the previously announced Steam Trading) so keep an eye out for the full patch notes early next week!