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Dirty Bomb Goes Free

Late last year we announced we were ending active development on Dirty Bomb. In that post, we said that after one more update development would cease but, as we sat down to discuss what fixes we would make, the contents of that build changed.

Instead, we wanted to turn this update into a celebration of Dirty Bomb, allowing players old and new to experience everything, without a cost. We’ve been working to remove all monetisation from Dirty Bomb, and also have thrown in a few extra treats as a thank you to all of our players for supporting the title over the years.

Dirty Bomb Goes Free

We wanted everyone to be able to get their hands on Weapon Skins, on existing Obsidians, on Mercs without spending, so we’ve removed RADs from the game entirely. For those of you with RADs they have been converted to Credits.

  • RADs have been converted to Credits with a 1 RAD = 20.84 Credit exchange rate
  • We have removed RAD DLC bundles from Steam
  • RADs are no longer awarded as Daily Play rewards
  • We have removed RAD prices from Crafting
  • We have removed RADs from Advancement Crates
  • We have removed the ‘Bundles’ tab from the Store
  • Removed the RADs button from the Store
  • Removed the RADs Balance indicator

So how much does stuff cost, you ask? Let’s take a look:

Loadout Cases

  • Loadout Case – 5,000
  • 5 Loadout Cases – 25,000
  • 10 Loadout Cases – 50,000


  • Bronze Loadout Card – 1,500
  • Silver Loadout Card – 5,000
  • Silver Loadout Card (Weapon Select) – 15,000
  • Gold Loadout Card – 25,000
  • Gold Loadout Card (Weapon Select) – 75,000
  • Cobalt Loadout Card – 50,000
  • Cobalt Loadout Card (Weapon Select) – 150,000

Weapon Cases

  • Weapon Case Key – 14,500
  • Unlocked ALICE Mk 1 – 25,000
  • Unlocked Aquila Mk 1 – 25,000
  • Unlocked CoreSEC Mk 1 – 25,000
  • Unlocked Royal Force Mk 1 – 25,000

Merc Loadouts

  • Bronze Loadout Card – 17,500

Steam Trading Upgrade

Steam Trading has now been enabled for even more items in Dirty Bomb! We know you’ve all been asking for it, so we made it a priority for this build. Now all Loadout and Weapon Cards are tradable.

Updated Credit Earn Rate

To make sure you guys earn whatever you want more quickly, we’ve upped the base Credit earn rate from 19 per minute to 50 per minute.

We have also removed Credit Boosters from sale, but they can still be found in Advancement Crates.

Reintroduction of Back Catalogue Items

We went back and looked through some of the amazing (and not so amazing – looking at you Dapper Doge) content we’ve made for Dirty Bomb that’s no longer available. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done, and with the removal of real money purchases, we thought that now would be the perfect time to reintroduce some of the most popular stuff.

Some of the Cases and Trinket text still refers to the events from which they came, but are no longer active.

Obsidian Operatives

  • Fletcher – 60,000
  • Phoenix – 60,000
  • Stoker – 60,000
  • Aimee – 75,000
  • Arty – 75,000
  • Aura – 75,000
  • Phantom – 75,000
  • Proxy – 75,000
  • Skyhammer – 75,000

Cases – 50,000 Credits

  • Ghostclip Event Case
  • Jackal’s Eve Event Case
  • Containment War Event Case
  • Dickens Event Case
  • Final Assault Event Case
  • Nuclear Winter Event Case
  • Shell Shock Event Case
  • Rogue en Vogue Week 1 Case
  • Rogue en Vogue Week 2 Case
  • Rogue en Vogue Week 3 Case
  • Rogue en Vogue Week 4 Case

Trinkets – 10,000 Credits

  • Ice Coal’d
  • Spamtrap

Trinkets – 15,000 Credits

  • Lump o’ Coal (Coaly)
  • Antivirus
  • Penny Frogging
  • Football

Trinkets – 20,000 Credits

  • Illuminatree
  • Firewall
  • Olde Flashlight

Trinkets – 25,000 Credits

  • Warm Snowman
  • Mine Sweeper (Proxy)
  • Arty Marley (Arty)
  • Angel of Ire (Sparks)
  • Skullsplitter
  • Dapper Doge
  • Hexadic Trinket
  • Specter Trinket
  • Trophy Trinket

Bug Fixes

  • Optimised distribution of server slots per Multiplay Linux box to improve stability
  • Fixed an issue with Nvidia Shadowplay Highlights which caused some machines to crash
  • Fixed an issue where some servers allocated for FACEIT could crash before transitioning into a game



We’ve tried to cover all bases with these, but we know you guys are likely to have some more questions. Head on over to the forums to discuss this patch with us and fellow players.


What happened to all my RADs?

Dirty Bomb going free means we’re also removing our premium currency RADs. If you were hoarding those RADs, don’t fret, all RADs have been converted into Credits at a 1 RAD = 20.84 Credits (rounded up to the nearest Credit). Spend those Credits wisely.

What’s happening to the servers after the update?

Dedicated servers will be running in active regions until the end of 2019. Beyond that, no decision has been made so far.

As you may have seen, Multiplay are closing down their community server hosting from February 28th, 2019 (Multiplay announcement). If you own a server or would like to find out more information head on over to our helpdesk to check out the Server FAQ.

Why am I getting so many Credits?

Credit earn rate has been increased across the board by nearly triple!

Why are there no bundles in the store?

To ensure we make Dirty Bomb free, all purchases that only used RADs have been removed from the game.

Where are the Steam DLC packs?

All Steam DLC packages have been removed.

Why didn’t you bring back ALL old content?

In short, due to technical limitations all old content couldn’t be brought back, saying this, we have brought back a bunch of old cases and trinkets for you to get your hands on!

When is my All Merc Pack refund happening?

The refunds will be happening by January 31st 2019. The refund will be refunded directly into your Steam Wallet.

Are there any other refunds?

Outside of the All Merc Pack, no. However, if you have recently made a purchase you may still be eligible for a Steam Refund and should reach out to Steam Support.