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Dirty Bomb – Reddit AMA

On Saturday 25th November we hosted an AMA on Reddit.

There were a lot of great questions that we thought it would be a shame to lose when the thread goes down, so we decided to share the best of the AMA here. It’s long, but we didn’t want to cut anything out, so use the tags below to search for any questions that you might be interested in.


The Recent Balance Update

Q: auwi1The balance patch was great in my opinion, but I know there’s gonna be constant tweaking. Any weapons you considering to change again?

A: c4te – Thanks to our great team that implemented our stats tracking system we are able to make constant tweaks to the game balance. This includes weapons, Mercs and other elements. We are currently reading community feedback and and are looking at our latest stats to see what we will tackle next. On the Merc side we have a buff for Rhino incoming before Christmas.

Game Modes

Q: pollutionmixes – Are there plans for new game modes in the future?

A: thrmoptc – Always… game modes are one of the things that dev teams kind of always have fun coming up with ideas for. That said, the first priority is to have enough players populating the “main” game modes so that they’re quick to get into and have high quality.

New Player Experience

Q: Notturno – In my opinion, one of the weakest points of Dirty Bomb right now is the new player experience, and how it impacts veteran players.

As someone who exclusively plays Stopwatch, it is very common to see players below level 10 in servers with players that have hundreds, if not thousands, of hours under their belts. This is frustrating for both parties – the newbies end up getting stomped and the veteran players get frustrated playing with newbies that don’t understand the game yet.

My questions are this:

  1. Why remove the minimum level servers? Will they ever come back?
  2. Casual matchmaking (CMM) does not seem to rectify the problem I described above, as I seem to still get the same new players in my matches despite being level 70+. we lost objective servers and split the playerbase further. Do you think CMM was a success or failure, and how do you see the future of unranked games/matchmaking?
  3. Is there anything in the pipeline to streamline, change, or update the unranked game experience for both low level and high level players?


A: thrmoptc – We share your opinion on the new player experience, and have some people focusing on it now.

The answer to all of your questions is really CMM, and it’s too early to call it a success or a failure. It will allow us to create better matches in many ways that were unavailable previously, but we need to get more players into the game to make that possible. We’ve improved it a lot behind the scenes since we rolled it out at the end of August, but realistically it’s something that you always have to be improving.

Ultimately getting people into rewarding matches where they can appreciate and engage with both their teammates and their opponents is not just something that DB is about, but it’s what Splash Damage is about.


Q: SparkyShock – What do you have planned in order to keep player retention, as it is a big problem for the growth of Dirty Bomb?

A: Thrmoptc – More things for players to set goals for themselves to do of outside of the core gameplay. These systems are unfortunately time-intensive to implement, but we’ve had a lot of design focus on them of late.


Q: whfsdude – Let’s talk about player base. With so many F2P games out there, what future change do you think will have the most impact on retaining new players?

Long-term where do you want to see Dirty Bomb in 2-3 years?

A: thrmoptc – I don’t think one change will do it, it needs to be enough drops to make a tidal wave. I’ve answered a similar question above, but it’s all about having different ways of pursuing different metagame goals and satisfying what each type of player wants.

I’d just love to see some of our big hurdles out of the way so that we can make the game truly great for all of you, and get to continue to roll out exciting content and events.


Q: Merr1tt – For me at least, it always seems to take ages to get into a ranked game compared to a casual game. Is this normal, and are you going to increase advertisement so that you can grow a bigger player base (So this is less of an issue)?

A: thrmoptc – You’ve hit the nail on the head that we need to expand the player base, and that’s our number one goal a the moment. More players mean getting into matches quickly and it lets us match players more strictly for better games.


Q: Deadaxxer32 – Will trading ever be added to Dirty Bomb?

A: 6runk – We do see a trading implementation in DB’s future. However, with some of the planned economy changes, it is prudent to let that new model take hold and grow organically first. The introduction of trading, which is an external macro-economy, could negatively impact the growth of a new economy. Up until the change is concluded and the new system grows, we won’t be introducing external factors beyond our control.


Q: Cobbut  – What are your thoughts on visibility in DB? I’m a bit colorblind which makes it really hard to see enemies on a lot of backdrops. Ever thought of changing from the red highlight on enemies to red outlines, or the ability to change the highlight color to something… more visible? I’d love to get some input on this.

A: thrmpotc – Outlines are not an easy thing in Unreal (glows are easy in Source, outlines are easy in Radiant, etc.), but I get your point. We’d like to make sure that things are highly configurable, so that you can get the game to work well for you.


Q: LoffysDomain – What are some of the general challenges when crafting and releasing team-based multiplayer online games, from a technical point of view. I would imagine latency is a thing to think about, and program for.

A: 6runk – Well, there’s actually quite a few. But if we narrow it down and focus on technical challenges around a fast paced, high-skill FPS shooter like DB the biggest challenges would be:

  • Netcode & Prediction: There’s a significant amount of prediction/netcode work that happens for multiplayer matches for feel good, even when there’s “varied” latencies from clients. There’s also the matter of replication of movement from one client, to the server, to all other clients in their relation (and the prediction has to match for all of them though actions are quintessentially de-synced).
  • Scaling & On-demand Service: Scaling is another thing that isn’t quite as easy to do (well). There’s ways to predict the general user influx, however, you don’t want to be in the position to physically and manually order and provision servers and hope you got the numbers right. Which brings us to on-demand and cloud based scaling. Automating a system such as this well, while providing a good user experience (since cloud servers aren’t really the most ideal thing for a fast paced competitive shooter), is quite a bit of work to do.
  • Live Content: By which I mean content that isn’t baked into the client and released, but is pulled from a CDN, website or a database. Depending on the integration, it may interfere with checksums or even anti-cheat solutions. However, the ability to bring users content such as the news feed (easy) or regionalized content (such as the toaster pop-ups or changing the homescreen) can be a bit more difficult.


Q: Broneholm – Do you enjoy your job?

A: thrmoptc – Some days are tough, but yes. Game developers tend to get paid less than they would doing similar work in another industry, and yet we end up here because the work is so fulfilling.

A: 6runk – I most definitely enjoy my job. Needless to say, whatever one does has its ups and downs. Things can be rather stressful at times, especially when you work on a live service game like DB. But that is part of the appeal for me. Solving puzzles, putting out fires and make sure that everyone can work is most definitely my thing.


Q: Broneholm – Are you going to expand the lore of the game?

A: thrmoptc – Hell yes, we’ve a dedicated writer starting in just over week! I’m hoping to be able to carve out more time to focus on it.


Q: Broneholm – Will we see stuff like animated shorts and comics, like Blizzard does for OW?

A: thrmoptc – We love this stuff so definitely want to be doing more of it, like we did with comics for Rogue en Vogue and Shell Shock.


Q: wofoo – Is there anything being done to make audio mixing better? (there is also a lot of audio bugs).

A: 6runk – The bugs in regards to audio are less of a mixing/creation issue and more with the underlying audio framework and CoreTech implementation. We are very cognizant of that fact and actually hired a dedicated Audio Engineer who will be joining us soon and tackle the underlying framework.


Q: PaNdaRat0r666 – Where do you guys think you went wrong so far and how did you overcome it?

A: thrmoptc – There is SO MUCH that has gone wrong. Really, it’s all about creating an environment where people can make mistakes and that we value learning from them. So much of it is persistence and passion, and how you pick yourself up and go again. “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” and all that.



Q: LegendaryVarg – Hello, simple questions here 1.When I started playing this game, that was like 1 year ago and you guys had twitch stream of devs playing which was super cool and fun to watch….so is there any chance you will go back to twitch platform?

A: thrmoptc – We have indeed discussed starting them up again, glad to hear that you enjoyed them!


Q: CommissarTyr – In Dirty Bomb a large amount of the game info is hidden from the player including most weapon statistics, and the removal of certain console commands makes it even harder to determine. Would it be possible to implement an in-game database or testing zone where such things could be revealed.

A: MassE – We do have plans to implement an offline testing range of sorts, where players can try out mercs/weapons etc

Exactly what this will contain is not 100% nailed down, but yes, we are planning on adding a testing zone as an officially supported map!

The old solution of people using console commands was always super messy and not officially supported, so we want to develop ways for all players to try things out at their leisure!


Q: LoffysDomain – From a business leadership-perspective, are artist and creative employees best managed by strict timelines & detailed orders, or by giving them freedom to roam?

A: 6runk – Needless to say, there is always multiple ways to skin a cat. And one studio is never going to be like the other. That being said, on DB, we are operating on a blend between the two. I’ve never believed in micro-managing any team member/developer; especially since autonomy is one of our core beliefs at SD. That said, given that it is a business, boundaries are usually set in the form of time (also known as time-boxing). The way we usually assess work to be done at a very top-level is, looking at the original pitch, fleshing out a design, then sitting with the team who will be working on the creative/technical aspects, get their take on the estimation and compare that against historical data of deliver. Meaning, are the developers usually over or under with their estimations, then adjust, get back them for buy in. Once we are all agreed that the work order can be done in the time prescribed, we move forward.

Also, with every iteration or new asset we create, we strive and aim at becoming more efficient while continuing to push quality and fidelity.


Q: Zykeroth – Got only one. What’re your plans to make events more fun?

A: thrmoptc – We’ve hired a couple of devs to be able to focus on them a bit more, and they’ve just started. More interesting things to do and stuff to obtain is of course part of it, but we also want to get back to regularly having the community effect the narrative of the game.

Competitive / Ranked

Q: dtkiddin – How are you guys going to fill the gap between CMM and Ranked? Both mode differ too much and feel that players get lost and overwhelmed too fast.

A: c4te – We are looking into options of filling the gap between CMM and Ranked to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Q: juan518munoz – Are you planning to add south america ranked?

A: thrmoptc – If the playerbase grows in South America enough to allow for timely matches at good quality, it’ll happen!


Q: PaNdaRat0r666 – Do you feel the game has a competitive future with how things are panning out right now? You are expanding and throwing a lot of content out right now, but say 2 years ago when we had 100 or so teams across the game playing, people who are now playing at the highest level in other games etc, do you feel it will reach this point again or has that ship long sailed?

A: thrmoptc – I think if we had the playerbase from 2015 again, we’d have a lot of competitive teams again. So Hell yes, we can reach that point again.


Q: SparkyShock – What is the future goal for DB as a competitive game?

A: Thrmoptc – We’d of course love for DB to be a major game on the competitive landscape, but it really requires a certain critical mass in terms of playerbase. We’ve always felt that our stopwatch and role/class mechanics are very suited to high level competition, and hope it can flourish again.


Q: Adetonian – Do you have any ideas about competitive rulesets yet? The community has come up with it’s own ideas but there has never been an officially ‘backed’/supported idea by SD? As it seems 1 merc limit seems to not be the way you want to go(and ranked ‘meta’ being a mess as a result) what do you consider or what do you really not want? With launch starting to creep up I’d assume competitive play get more priority even if only for promotion in the current landscape of streaming/esports.

A: c4te – Competitive Gaming is an important part of our game and the highest level of DB. We are currently focusing on developing and growing our community but we don’t want to ignore the competitive scene. We are looking into options how we can grow and support it. However we are currently not in a position where we can announce anything or enforce strict rulesets in ranked (what is our competitive mode in-game). Merc limits and banning are features we want to look at and evaluate in the future but not at this point of development.


Q: Kittz0r – Will Ranked be a high priority in the coming Months?

A: c4te – Our ranked mode is a really important part of our game and the mode to go for competitive matches. We are currently in our 4th season and we will continue tweaking the match making process and add new features to make it an even better experience in the future.


Q: Kittz0r – Ban System (similar to Paladins for example for Ranked)?

A: c4te – We are currently not planning on adding a ban system soon. There is always the option to do something like that in the future but we want to focus on growing the game first.

Rentable Servers

Q: DarkAngel – There was mention of rented servers coming at some point, do you have a rough estimate of when this will happen and what sort of control users will have over their servers?

A: 6runk – You are most definitely correct. Rented servers are on the horizon for DB. Prior to us rolling rentable servers, we still have a couple of things to sort out around quality of service improvements (such as better latency detection around lobby creation and matchmaking). Additionally, there is also some work to do in the front end (UI specifically) and our back end services as well in order to accommodate this aptly. Barring any shifts/changes, we should be able to introduce these by the end of Q1 of next year. Hope this helps!


Q: Darkangel – Thanks for the reply! Are you able to comment on what aspects we’ll be able to control? For example, map rotation, server name, player slots, player kicking… merc limits

A: 6runk – That is the portion that requires our backend engineers to investigate (among other things). Depending on the level of integration we will be able to have (in regards to on-the-fly) management of servers with our provider, will quite frankly dictate what can be done (more easily) and what cannot.


Q: pollutionmixes – Will some of the mercs get their XP buffed? Turtle should receive xp based on combat xp earned through the shield, and game mode xp earned in thr cover of it. Redeye should also receive xp for game mode xp earned inside his smoke, since he can hide players delivering\planting…

A: c4te – We are working on XP balancing and you can expect more changes in the next updates.


Q: pollutionmixes­ – What about custom merc tutorials? At least play the merc role call for the player once they buy the merc

A: thrmoptc – We definitely want to get role calls done for all of the Mercs in the game, and we’re indeed looking at ways for players to learn more about the Mercs other than just dropping into a live match with them.


Q: NervProkis – Are there any plans to improve Guardian’s revive?

A: c4te – Yes. We are currently working on making the revive more reliable. We want to make sure that she is in a good spot for the next ranked season.


Q: DJBayside – Do you guys have any plans to change or balance Kira and her laser? She’s been a hot topic of debate around the community but you guys really haven’t commented on it.

A: c4te – We have her on our list but our current focus is getting Guardian and Javelin ready for the next ranked season. We have some ideas but there is nothing coming soon.


Q: DJBayside – What are your plans for the support category as a whole in both balance and creative terms? Aura is quite good and is very hard to balance considering she is a starter merc and I understand that you don’t want to make her unusable, but would you have plans to bring the other supports up to her level? Maybe tweaking Phoenix and Sparks so they have a little bit more viability would bring them up to par with her.

A: c4te – Our goal is making all Mercs viable no matter how expensive it is. We think that Aura is quite strong and decided to do some changes to her Health Station. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be changes for her in the future or other Medics. We always look at the big picture.


Q: DJBayside – Do you have anything in the works for Phantom? The XP change was nice and you guys have mentioned spotting deployables he’s disabled but haven’t really said much past that. I was curious as to whether or not you had started any other possible additions to him. Maybe re-introduce the old Katana lunge as a passive ability for him and his melees?

A: c4te – We are currently evaluating what we do with Phantom and how to align him with the other Recons. This is a longer process because we want to see how Phantom fits into the game and the DB universe. We have some ideas and will share them once we are ready.


Q: DJBayside – How long are you guys going to continue to withhold Javelin from Ranked and make tweaks to her? And what are the main issues with Javelin that you guys feel are prominent and are trying to remedy?

A: c4te – Javelin and Guardian will be available in Ranked Season 5. The main issue we want to solve before adding her is countering her Rocketlauncher. We want to give players that play against a Javelin a fair chance to evade or destroy the rocket. We think we are in a good spot with the latest changes but we can do some more things to get her right for ranked.


Q: Monstronator – How many mercs will be in the game by the time DB leaves Beta? (I’m guessing around 25)

A: thrmoptc – We don’t actually have a number… we’ll keep making Mercs (adjusting the pace up or down to suit what’s going on in the game), and whenever DB leaves Beta it will because of new features other than maps or Mercs.


Q: Monstronator – How diverse will the whole cast be? Any plans on more mercs from places around Asia and the Pacific?

A: thrmoptc – We don’t want to be diverse just for the sake of it, but yes we do have plans for Mercs from many more different places. We have more than 30 nationalities represented at Splash Damage, and getting a similar representation is probably approaching the sweet spot for DB.


Q: BlazingFire007 – Just one question, what’s your favorite merc to play as?

A: thrmoptc – Proxy, to piss off MassE

A: MassE – Sawbonez is my boi (the Ranked saviour)

Arty is boi number 2 (Or anyone with BR’s… ding ding ding)

A: 6runk – I would say that it really depends on my mood. I usually prefer to play medics (or medic hybrids) myself. Which usually has me defaulting to Aura or Guardian; I will play Aura in PUGs and Guardian when I know the team. If all else fails, my fallbacks are Turtle and Javelin.

A: c4te – In ranked I prefer Fragger and in CMM Javelin.


Q: Kittz0r – Is Sparks being Worked on?

A: c4te – Not at this moment. We are monitoring Sparks like we do with all other Mercs and it is always possible that we are adjusting or tweaking her kit in the future.


Q: Hadron-Zodiac – What will Hunter’s class be?

A: c4te – Hunter is a Recon.


Q: NoobTubio – Do you have any plans on reworking Guardian? You know, give her a real medic ability; it could be a heal or a buff. Either that or move her to a different class.

A: c4te – The process for Guardian will be fixing existing bugs, working on the Bionic Pulse to be more reliable and then we move forward with tweaking her. The goal is to get all of that done before the next ranked season starts.


Q: NoobTubio – Do you have any plans on changing deployables? Super defensive, stationary abilities don’t go very well with this game’s fast movement and gunplay.

A: c4te – Deployables give a team the chance to stop pushes and defend objectives more effectively but we always have to keep the overall gameplay in mind. This means we will monitor the game and keep balancing deployables.


Q: NoobTubio – Javelin nerf. When?

A: c4te – We continue balancing her. Expect more updates soon.


Q: DJBayside – Do you guys have any plans to bring back the Execution maps in some form? Maybe not in a straight Execution revival with rentable servers but maybe tweaking them to work in the Objective/Stopwatch modes? I hate to see so many memorable maps just be deleted and forgotten. And on top of that, will Execution make a return for full launch or sometime afterwards?

A: MassE – We certainly dont want to waste the maps, and they have the potential to come back to the game in some way or another. As for turning them directly into OBJ/SW maps, It’s unlikely, mostly as we feel, in Splash Damage tradition we have endeavoured to design bespoke maps for each game mode, and OBJ/SW is sooo far from Exe in terms of level design that we would prefer to spend the time building totally new maps built for OBJ/SW.

The best way for us to get use out of those maps at this time is to see how we can take the art assets from them and make new stuff!

I would certainly not be against doing a Gallery style map for OBJ/SW, but it would basically be a completely new map design with the same aesthetic


Q: DJBayside – Do you have any plans for an Underground rework? It’s one of the oldest maps and kinda shuts down a lot of air support mercs, maybe make the ceiling be a lot more open in some areas with less obstructions?

A: MassE – I stated in a slightly different question that we do plan to updates on existing maps, and Underground is one we will be looking at.

We have a few ideas of how we would like to edit the map, but we’ll save that stuff for when we get a proper chance to do a full community feedback session, and go from there


Q: auwi1 – Castle looks fantastic! What will be the focus after it’s finished? Terminal redux or a new map?

A: MassE – Firstly, Thanks very much! Our lovely art team have really knocked it out of the park on Castle!

As for future stuff, Terminal Redux is the immediate focus, and we also have a few other maps in their design stage now too, so there is plenty of juicy map content coming your way next year!


Q: PaNdaRat0r666 – With regards to maps, would you like to include classic ET/RTCW ones to the game at some point? If so, what ones do you feel would fit with the current game style of DB?

A: MassE – ET/RTCW maps can be best used for us as a resource for designing new maps. The joy of nostalgia is an impossible thing to try and replicate, and I would prefer us to focus on new maps which can give the throwback feel (I mean, we made a freakin Castle), rather than trying to copy something people know and love!


Q: SparkShock – Masse, are there plans to have regular map updates to older maps instead of making reduxes of them? I feel like most issues could be solved with some just a few layout updates and not a whole rework.( See Dome redux, as some of the bigger issues weren’t fixed or addressed as heavily.

A: MassE – Yes we have plans to do map updates!

Whether we do a full redux or an update is whether we feel the map has significant issues that need a larger redesign, or whether it’s isolated problems that can be addressed on their own

Dome and Terminal were selected for Reduxes because their issues were too complex for simple tweaks, but we are planning on doing analysis of all maps as time goes by, and making adjustments

Most importantly, myself and the rest of the map team want the community to be heavily involved with guiding future map changes, so we’ll have more info on how people can get involved with that in the near future!


Q: PhoenyxBird – Which map are you most proud of, and which map do you feel like could use some/a lot of changes? (Other than Terminal, of course)

A: MassE – As someone who joined the project after the First 5 maps were developed, I wouldn’t say im most proud of it, but Chapel is the map that I personally feel has got the most things right. I also love watching competitive matches on Bridge for similar reasons

For the maps I have been a part of at Splash, I’m really excited for Castle to come out and and hear community feedback!

There is always a lot of room for improvement with maps in general, and it plays quite differently to some of the other maps that have come out more recently, so it’ll give us a lot of new perspective on what people like/dislike in DB’s map design, and we can take those learnings into the future map designs!

Pay to Win / Cost

Q: palypaly – Secondly, I feel the prices are a bit excessive. I paid something like 23 EUR for the closed beta starter pack, earned lots of credits since, unlocked a couple of mercs but there are still 10 more I have yet to unlock. With all these new starter packs I feel punished for getting one early and I don’t think the full game would be worth the money it costs to unlock everything. How much money/playing time is it to unlock everything? 100 EUR/ 1.000 hours? That’s too much imo, especially compared with other currently popular MP only games like RL, PUBG, OW. And I know it’s just cosmetics from bronze, but 4€ for one case and you most likely get a loadout you probably won’t even use…

A: thrmoptc – A bigger variety of goals means a bigger variety in ways of achieving them. We’re taking a serious look at some of our pricing at the moment, so I’m looking forward to hearing what you all think when we announce it!

Loadout Cards

Q: X-aited – every merc has a default skin only applied on a loadout without augments. i would like to aquire those with augments. what do you think about that?

A: thrmoptc – We’ll roll this into our discussions about Loadout Cards!


Q: X-aited – what are your thoughts about rerolling a loadout card? i would love to at least reroll event cards so i can turn a disliked loadout into a usefull card. It is hard enough to get one of those in the first place

A: thrmoptc – It’s definitely a good idea if we can have the transaction systems manage it, we’ll see what we can do!


Q: auwi1 – Shoe mentioned near the end of the last dev vid you guys were making changes to the loadout system, what kind of changes can we expect?

A: thrmoptc –  We’re looking at both short term changes and long term changes, but the principle is that we want you all to feel like your time is valued in the game and there are reasonable avenues to pursuing your goals. We’ve learned a lot since we went into Open Beta, and think that the time is right for changes.

The only specific I can give at the moment is, well… how much would you miss Lead and Iron cards?


Q: PhoenyxBird – You mentioned “changes to the loadout system”. Does this mean a complete rework, or simply some aspects are getting changed? Does it have anything to do with the Mystery Case from Jackal’s eve?

A: thrmoptc –  We’re looking at changing things up fairly drastically next year, but it’s too early to talk about that as there are still problems that we’ll need to solve to move forward with it. It actually doesn’t have anything to do with the Contraband Case…


Q: Rears – After the fiasco that happened with the last change to the crafting system, will you be more forthcoming (earlier) with your changes before they arrive in the game?

I for one would be pissed if you announce the changes less than 24h before they arrive, again.

A: Thrmoptc – Absolutely; not letting you all know that was coming much earlier was one of a series of missteps with that update.

Servers / Lag

Q: woofoo –  Is there anything being done to netcode/servers? For months now the game is sluggish, you trade kills with hitscan weapons all the time, there is a lot more warping etc.

A: 6runk – This is less of a netcode (networking) issue and more a quality of service (QoS) issue. When there is a significant amount of varying latencies connecting to a single entity (i.e. game server), the amount of prediction that needs to be done to keep a level playing field is less than trivial. One of our first steps that we have taken, and that is currently in development, is improving our initial QoS when matchmaking. Currently, in the matchmaking process, we use geo IP to estimate the latency average of the match connection; which is not as accurate as we would like. So we are working on dedicated ping servers at all of our datacenter sites to check with the client and confirm the best connection (by exact pings vs geo IP targeting) in order to get comparable latencies onto the same server. The second step of improvement (which has be done already but is still being crowd tested) is reducing the amount of communication that happens out of our servers. They are very verbose and communicate more than they need to (mind you, I am NOT talking about poll frequency, but actual announcements of replicated items the server quite frankly shouldn’t need to communicate), which will improve the overall I/O and effectively will add to the perceived improvement of netcode. Depending on how much movement we can effect with both those changes, we will be re-assessing what additional work needs to be done.


Q: auwi1 – Shoe mentioned near the end of the last dev vid you guys were making changes to the loadout system, what kind of changes can we expect?

A: 6runk – We are nearing the end of our overhaul to PTS. In the near future, /u/c4Te will be ready with an application for PTS to add more members from the community, such as yourself, and help us with feedback, ideas, tweaks etc. We aren’t quite there yet. However, when we are, we will be adding about another 300-400 in total. Hope that answers your question!

Future Content / Roadmap

Q: MrHappySadClown – How far ahead is your planning/scheduling for future updates and their topics such as events, mercs, maps, reworks, etc?

Also how much content had to be scrapped in the development process, since c4te said on discord “there is no plan to bring back the throwing knives”. Are you ever gonna make a dev video on removed/cut content?

A: 6runk – To answer your question, we have a multi-layered roadmap. Which is just fancy speak for, everything near term (1-3) months is very explicit and everything beyond that is “fluid”. Obviously there is clear direction around big ticket items that require a significant amount of dev time.

We haven’t really thought about it, but it would be kind of neat to have a highlight reel of all the content that just… kind of didn’t make it.

Asian Servers

Q: Quatermint – when ASIA region will get casual matchmaking?

A: 6runk – We are currently working on introducing CMM to the Asia region. However, in order to have a sensible implementation, it requires us to roll physical (aka bare-metal servers) on mainland China. Without those, everyone from the China region would be connecting to our Hong Kong/Tokyo data centers; which would have a quality of service cost attached in the form of high latency. While it sounds like a simple matter to roll these servers, it actually isn’t. As our current provider doesn’t have a presence in China, and our Live OPS services are deeply integrated with their system, we need to roll our own physical servers and make it “play nice” with the current system. Up until this work concludes, we won’t be able to introduce CMM to the Asia region properly.


A huge thank you to everyone who took part. Don’t forget to check out the Dirty Bomb Reddit and Dirty Bomb Forums regularly to ask the devs questions.