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Dirty Bomb Server Hosting Update

A topic that has been discussed frequently is that of Dirty Bomb’s server options. Like many of you, we want to see Dirty Bomb enjoyed without worry of when or where the last game will take place, and we understand that the possibility of Dirty Bomb’s dedicated support ending is a concern that’s shared across the community – we hear that loud and clear. We’re also aware that you’d like clearer communication on this front, and with that in mind, we’re happy to confirm our server plan moving forward. In cooperation with hosting provider on one hand, and with an agreement with Multiplay on the other, Dirty Bomb will have both dedicated and rentable community server options from the 28th of February.

Multiplay’s Dedicated Server Option:

The team at Multiplay have been a crucial component in keeping Dirty Bomb live for years now, so they were naturally saddened to hear of the end of development. After discussing our options a plan was agreed; as Dirty Bomb’s player count declined dedicated servers would be taken offline, with Multiplay’s rent-able community servers being the fallback for any players wishing to continue to play the game. As the new year kicked off, we were made aware that Multiplay planned to end business-to-consumer rentals (you can read more about this here), which created a challenge that we had to solve. We were (and still are) committed to keeping the game available so a solution had to be found. That solution was most recently communicated by Multiplay.

“What’s the plan for dedicated server support?”

Machines (these are physical entities that run fifteen Dirty Bomb servers each) are to be continued to be hosted by Multiplay in popular regions and these should be available until the end of 2019. Community server owners were given the option to keep their current community server running on one of these machines free of charge. Once all community servers have been migrated, Multiplay & Splash Damage will run the remaining servers available on these machines as dedicated servers. This effectively means there will be dedicated server support in the three major regions (Asia, Europe-West, North America) moving forward.

“Where are these machines going to be located?”

The locations that are in use currently will be the locations the server machines will be located in, as follows:

  • Frankfurt: DE
  • London: UK
  • Los Angeles: US
  • New York: US
  • Singapore: MY

“How long are dedicated servers going to be running for?”

Multiplay has graciously offered to keep these machines running until the end of the year free of charge assuming that they’re still in use. Each dedicated machine will be monitored individually and so long as we see a couple of lobbies running simultaneously each month the machine will stay active. If we see that a machine was grossly underutilised over the course of four weeks that specific machine will be closed, though this will be done after a thirty-day notice period. This is very unlikely to happen though it is worth messaging this so everybody is aware of the process.

We will message at the point the machine transitions into the thirty-day notice period, so you have ample time to move over on to community servers.

“How will game modes be distributed across the locations?”

We’re still working out the distribution of game-modes across these machines (as the migration of community servers to these machines will impact the current set-up we have). Servers for both Stopwatch and Objective will be available, and we’ll aim to set up each location to be able to host each game-type as is the case now.

“How do current community rented servers fit into this plan?”

All community server owners have been given the option of migrating their rented server to a Multiplay dedicated server machine. These machines have fifteen servers in total. Each community server that is to be migrated will take up one of these fifteen servers, and the remaining servers will be run as dedicated servers. For example, if five people request to have their rented community server migrated, five servers in the new machine would be controlled by the requester and the other ten by Multiplay & Splash Damage. If any community servers are left unused for long periods of time (thirty days), these will be transferred to the Multiplay & Splash Damage pool, so the wider community can utilise the resource.

About Multiplay:

Multiplay is a game server hosting specialist on a mission to deliver an incredible playing experience to gamers worldwide. Operating for over 20 years and now part of the Unity family, Multiplay is proud to host some of the most popular games around, including Dirty Bomb, PUBG and Rocket League. Discover more at’s Community Server Option:

It was always our ambition post end-of-development to allow community members to host their own servers. Having this as an option facilitates a better spread of server locations for Dirty Bomb, helps achieve a longer game lifespan for those interested in playing still, and allows customised matches meaning a greater variance of playable modes and maps.

During our search for a new private game server provider was recommended by multiple sources, and after discussions with their representatives, it was obvious that they would be a good fit. With their support, we were able to formulate a plan which would see Dirty Bomb server rentals available across all regions as part of a new exclusive partnership for community servers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working with to set up test servers across multiple locations, a process which had its’ own hurdles given that we were working with an old engine and documentation from over half a decade ago! We believe we’re now at a point which community servers can be re-released to the community.

“What locations will be available?”

One key requirement we had whilst searching for a new community server provider was that they must provide the ability to rent servers in the locations that are not currently covered by dedicated servers. We’ve reluctantly ended support in a few regions over the past few months, which unsurprisingly left people unable to play. Giving the Dirty Bomb communities around the globe the option to host a server in a location that suits them has been at the top of our agenda. The list of locations that you will be able to rent a server in is as follows:

  • Dallas: US
  • Dubai: AE
  • Frankfurt: DE
  • Hong Kong: HK
  • Johannesburg: ZA
  • London: UK
  • Los Angeles: US
  • Rotterdam: NL
  • Sao Paulo: BR
  • Sydney: AU
  • Tokyo: JP
  • Warsaw: PL
  • Washington DC: US

“How much will it cost?”

Community server pricing is decided using a model that takes in to account bandwidth costs and location costs. This results in cost variance across locations. The less-busy locations are more expensive to run which increases the cost of renting private game servers in these regions somewhat. Likewise, the more popular locations become cheaper. The pricing model for’s Dirty Bomb servers can be found below:

  • Every server has a base price…
    • 0.85 per slot per month (£0.73 / $0.96 at current rates)
    • 13.60 per month (£11.68 / $15.37) for a 16-slot server
  • For the following locations there is an added cost of…
    • +10 per month: Sydney, Johannesburg, Dubai
    • +15 per month: Tokyo
    • +€25 per month: Sao Paulo
  • Discounts are available for servers rented for multiple months in advance.
    • 3 months: 5% discount
    • 6 months: 10% discount
    • 12 months: 15% discount
    • 24 months: 20% discount
    • 36 months: 30% discount

“How do I rent a private game server?”

The option to rent a community server will be available on’s website under the Private Game Servers section (found here). All you’ll need to do is find Dirty Bomb in the list of games that support and you will be taken to the server set-up page, which starts the process. The option to rent private game servers through is now live!

About is a hosting provider, specialised in global game hosting for publishers and developers. operates its own low-latency network, connecting 30 points of presences (and still expanding). The company was founded in 2002 and has rapidly grown into one of the leading online infrastructure services and managed hosting solution providers in the world. is a Ubisoft company.


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