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Extra Cases Week

There’s no better feeling than seeing an Equipment Case spin open and land on a Cobalt for your favourite Merc. We also know that you guys like seeing Equipment Cases drop at the end of a match; a small reward for your time and effort.

So we want to give you more; a load more Equipment cases for the next week, in addition to the Daily Play Rewards that you’re used to.

Until next Wednesday, every day you log in you’ll get an Equipment Case.

We’re also TRIPLING the Equipment Case drop chance – meaning you’re likely to get one after every 1-2 matches!

  • London (GMT, UTC): 12:00 Weds, November 29th – 11:30 Weds, December 6th
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC -7): 04:00 Weds, November 29th – 03:30 Weds, December 6th
  • Beijing (CST, UTC +8): 20:00 Weds, November 29th – 19:30 Weds, December 6th
  • Sydney (AEDT): 23:00 Weds, November 29th – 22:30 Weds, December 6th

This won’t affect First Edition Week which is still scheduled to finish on Thursday, 30th November.