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FACEIT Re-Configuration

We launched FACEIT last month and you guys are loving it! We’ve seen loads of matches played, and we’ve had loads of great feedback for our drafting system.

One thing you guys wanted to see more of, though, is FACEIT points. Things were a little expensive in the store, the payout you guys were seeing wasn’t distributed that well and the amount of points you guys were earning wasn’t quite right either. So, we’ve gone back and re-addressed some of the prices and earning rates, to ensure the whole system is rewarding your time more effectively.

With the changes we’re going to be ending the Season 1 Ranked Leaderboard immediately, with a Season 2 kicking off at 18:00 BST today (26th September) on the official hubs, which will last for 2 weeks.


You guys can now create your own custom FACEIT hubs for Dirty Bomb and play by your own rules! Check out the instructions here to see how it works.


We announced that FACEIT point distribution was going to change a little. Here is how we’ve reworked it:

  • FACEIT points are now awarded to the top 100 players instead of just the top 10 (see table below)
  • Points system switched from ‘flat’ to ‘ranking’ mode (enables ranking bonus/malus)
  • New season start every two weeks
Place Points Per Player Total Points
1 6,000 6,000
2-10 1,000 9,000
11-20 750 7,500
21-50 500 15,000
51-100 250 12,500
Total 50,000

FACEIT Store Item Costs

We want to make it very possible for you to earn rewards from playing FACEIT, so we’ve completely overhauled how you earn FP and how much these rewards cost.

We know many of you were concerned with the prices of items in the store. That combined with the initial FP earn rates made it seem impossible for most of you to get FACEIT content. Well fret no longer, as here are the new costs for items:

Old Cost
New Cost
Primary Weapon Cards 9,000 1,500
Secondary Weapon Cards 9,000 1,000
Trinket 5,000 2,000


Along with being earn-able, we still want them to be a bit of a challenge, so when someone sees you with a FACEIT skin, they know you fought hard to earn it.


Queuing is now solo only on the Official Splash Damage hubs.


Stats for Dirty Bomb have been enabled in the FACEIT client.

FACEIT Missions

FACEIT Missions for Dirty Bomb will be enabled later in the week which will provide a new way to earn rewards for playing Dirty Bomb on FACEIT.

And that’s everything for now! Please do let us know your initial thoughts on these changes. We’ll be keeping a close eye on feedback and will monitor carefully how the new Hub and Leaderboards perform, along with your FP earning. If you want to chat about it some more then had on over to the official forums, and check out our social channels.