News / FAQ: Weapon Skins

FAQ: Weapon Skins

This week we will be introducing an exciting new system into Dirty Bomb; weapon skins. We wanted to take some time to detail just how this new system works, and address some of the questions we’ve been asked since the announcement.

What Are Weapon Skins?

Weapon skins allow you to customize the look of your weapon on your favorite Loadout Cards. It’s another layer of cosmetic-only customization; allowing you to be even more individual on the battlefield.

They come in different rarities (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cobalt) and also a number of finishes (Scarred, Worn, Standard, Refined and Pristine).

Rarity Finish
Bronze Scarred Worn Standard Refined Pristine
Silver Scarred Worn Standard Refined Pristine
Gold Scarred Worn Standard Refined Pristine
Cobalt Scarred Worn Standard Refined Pristine

What Weapon Skins Can I Get At Launch?

When this system launches you will be able to choose from 3 ranges of skins; coreSEC, Royal Force and KMA. In addition there will also be Nuclear Winter weapon skins, which can be obtained through playing during the event.

How Are They Acquired?

Weapon skins come in Cases, similar to the Cases we have in the store currently. There are two types of Weapon Cases in Dirty Bomb; locked and unlocked.

Locked Cases drop very occasionally in-game in the post match screen. To open these Cases you will need to buy a key from the store (USD $2.49). Unlocked Cases can be purchased in the store for USD $4.99.

Keys will also be purchasable during Nuclear Winter for event currency. We will be offering more ways to get weapon skins in the future.

What’s The Difference Between The Cases?

Cases that you purchase will have a higher drop chance for rare skins and better finishes, and will also not include the lowest value skin (Bronze Scarred weapon skins).

How Are They Equipped?

You can use our new Merc Deck system! Load up your favorite Merc, select the Loadout Card you want, then apply the weapon skin that matches that weapon. The skin will be attached to that Merc Deck and won’t usable elsewhere until it’s unattached.

On top of that you can then equip Trinkets. For the first time Trinkets can be equipped per Merc, meaning that you can further customize your Loadout!

You will be given one Deck slot per Merc and will be able to unlock additional slots for 5,000 Credits.

This is the alpha implementation of the system, so there will likely be a few things to work out and improve. Let us know what you think when you get your hands on it, we will be listening to the community to help evolve the system.

Are The Case Contents Random?

As with our existing Loadout Card system, the outcome of each case is determined randomly. However, you can see which weapons feature in each Weapon Case, meaning you can better target the skins you’re after.

We’ll be introducing a ‘Trade Up’ system next year to allow you to improve rarity and finish, which we’ll detail closer to the time.


Why Aren’t These Direct Purchase?

Initially weapon skins will only be available through Cases, purchased in the store or dropped in-game (and opened with keys). We will also implement Obsidian weapon skins in a future update which will be available for direct purchase.

Will Any Be Available Through In-Game Events?

Yes! We understand that it’s important you to get your hands on great stuff. To that end, everyone who plays Dirty Bomb throughout the Nuclear Winter event will get their hands on some weapon skins.

We’ll be detailing the Nuclear Winter event in more detail later this week, so keep your eye on our social channels!

What If I Don’t Care About Weapon Skins And Get A Case?

That’s fine! We know cosmetics aren’t for everyone, so you’ll be able to recycle any unwanted Cases, earning fragments to help you craft towards the Loadout Cards you want.

Can I Use Weapon Skins On Obsidian Loadouts?

Yes you can!

What About Steam Marketplace Support?

At the launch of the Weapon Card system we will not be supporting Steam Marketplace. However, in January we will be initially looking to implement Steam Marketplace support for dropped cases; allowing you guys to sell any cases you don’t want to open.

Moving forward we will explore extending our Steam Marketplace integration.