The King of sporting events is here. 4 years since the last World FootBrawl Cup where one country was crowned better than some others; it’s back.

To celebrate balls, goals and feet we’ve put together a whole load of Trinkets for you to show your support to your nation, or the nation you pretend to support because yours didn’t qualify.

You can also get your hands on a Winner’s Trophy Trinket, Football Trinket and, for RADs only, a Ball Bag Trinket.

Ball Sack

Everything other Trinket can be bought with Credits you earn in-game!


You’ll notice that a couple of Trinkets are already discounted; Russia and Saudi Arabia for 4,500 Credits or 210 RADs.

The eagle eyed among you will know those two are competing in a battle of wills and balls today in sports. Every day the teams that are playing will be discounted, so you can show your support while skipping the game because you’d rather play Dirty Bomb than watch the football.


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