News / March 13th Hotfix Changes

March 13th Hotfix Changes

As we mentioned in last week's Dev Update, today we're pushing out a hotfix update with zero downtime to fix a couple of Ranked issues you've been reporting. The following changes have been made.

Cancelling Ranked Matches with Different Team Sizes

While we continue to track down connection issues, we've implemented a feature that will abandon a match if one or more players fail to ever connect to a Ranked game:

  • The match will be cancelled if all players have not connected to the server by the end of the initial warmup. All players are then returned to the main menu and the match will not count towards your match history

  • To account for this, we've increased the initial warmup period to 80s (from 60s)

  • The player who failed to connect will receive a temporary suspension from matchmaking as a Minor Penalty. These penalties will also stack to a maximum suspension of 60 minutes

  • As before, if a player has managed to connect during warmup and then later disconnects, the match will still go ahead and the final result will still be counted

  • Players who abandon a game once they have connected will receive an automatic loss, no Rank Points, no Credits and a Major Penalty, which can stack up to several days

We've also added an additional check that will prevent people from re-searching for a Matchmaking game if they are already meant to be playing in one. If they attempt to Matchmake again they will instead receive a prompt to rejoin their existing game.

Logging Ranked Penalties

Due to reports of Ranked match penalties being either too long, too short or undeserved, we've added additional logging so we can investigate these issues further.

Improved EasyAntiCheat Support

We've made some more improvements to our integration with EasyAntiCheat, making it more efficient at handling player reports.

If you suspect someone of hacking, don't forget to report them using the in-game tool.