News / Merc Rotation: Aimee, Kira & Proxy

Merc Rotation: Aimee, Kira & Proxy

It’s time for another Merc Rotation! Play these Mercs for free over the next week:


Aimee Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Would you die for fashion? Aimee almost did, acting as a bodyguard to designer powerhouse Max Bashki when his skull was punctured by a high powered rifle in his Paris apartment. Wrongfully accused of his murder and on the run from the law, Aimee went rogue and narrowed the suspects down to Max’s bona fide killer – Proxy, a Mercenary in London. Her revenge was short lived, however, when Proxy revealed the true nature of the crime at gunpoint…


Kira Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

Kira’s PhD research led her to a SERIOUSLY classified device in one of her first Merc missions – an experimental weapon linked to a weaponized satellite. It wasn’t exactly hers to keep, but she figured her background in Cold War frequency-agile aerospace telemetry made her the authority.


Proxy Gameplay and Review by Kandyrew

Quick-witted, impatient, naturally competitive, Proxy thrives under pressure. A native Londoner, she saved her family from the Dirty Bomb contamination by swiftly improvising a CBRN filtration system from bin liners, a domestic vacuum cleaner, and duct tape. She’s proved just as resourceful on the battlefield, making her one of the most in-demand combat engineers working today, despite a revenge-driven run-in with Aimee leaving her with a single operational eye.

Enjoy these Mercs before they’re swapped out for the next lot!