News / Merc Rotation: Arty, Nader & Phoenix

Merc Rotation: Arty, Nader & Phoenix

It’s time for another Merc Rotation! Play these Mercs for free over the next week:


Arty gameplay by Renpsy

Have you ever loved someone you shouldn’t have? Have you ever said something you shouldn’t have? Are you sharing a secret you’re just dying to reveal? Arty couldn’t give a shit. He has bills to pay – Hire him and he’ll kill your enemies. Come on, time is money. Nobody knows who or what he spends his earnings on, or where he goes on his downtime. There are rumors he’s a loving family man. He must be saving up the human affection for someone, right?


Nader Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

When Nader left the army, she thought she’d never fire a weapon again. She studied business law. Graduated with honors. Moved to London with her wife to set up a business arbitration and mediation consultancy. Then came the Dirty Bomb incident, the evacuation, and an invasion of PMC contractors vying for government contracts. Right woman, right job, right place, right time, right? So it came as a shock to all concerned when she went back to field work. Why? She can’t completely explain it. It’s not the money (magnificent). It’s not the risk (considerable). It’s about being all you can be, not settling for a safe alternative, even if the riskier alternative can be, well, lethal. And you thought YOU had a hard time explaining your decisions to your significant other.


Phoenix Merc Role Call from the Official Youtube Channel

The Spanish medical community banished Phoenix for his unorthodox methods, ruinous malpractice settlements, and for generally being a superior asshole. But this disgraced former cosmetic surgeon has risen again. His experimental nanite facial rejuvenation serum has proved to be remarkably and unexpectedly effective at returning battlefield casualties to life. Now that Phoenix is making his name as a much-sought-after battlefield medic, he’s showing those Madrid Medical Council suits he was right all along. They’re just glad he’s killing people on the battlefield rather than in surgery.

Enjoy these Mercs before they’re swapped out for the next lot!