FACEIT Christmas Changes

This Christmadseason we’re making some changes to FACEIT. Aiming to provide quicker matches, bigger rewards and more competition, here’s what’s going down… Hub Changes The biggest change of all will be the new look hub. We are merging the European and North American hubs to create a single global hub. From here is where all […]

The Future of Dirty Bomb

Hey guys, We’re sorry for the recent radio silence. You deserve better and we haven’t been there for you. It has been a challenging couple of months full of sensitive decisions that we had to make regarding the future of Dirty Bomb. It’s with a heavy heart that, after a bug fix build ships in […]

All Mercs Free Weekend

Do you want to play with any Merc whenever you like? Well, you can this weekend! Starting…NOW you can recruit any Merc to wreak havoc on the streets of London or save your fellow comrades in the field of battle. London (BST, UTC+0): 09:30 Friday, November 2nd – 09:30 Tuesday, November 6th Los Angeles (PDT, […]

Extra Cases Week

Loadout Cases have been a great addition to Dirty Bomb, with players getting higher rarity cards more frequently to show off. For the next week though, we’ll be doubling the drop rate of Loadout Cases so you’ll have even more shinies to show off while you take down Mercs on the streets of London. Check […]

Weekend Login Bonus And Server Update

First of all, thank you for sticking with us through some of the server issues we’ve been having. Having switched our servers from Linux to Windows we believe that the issues are now solved. Keep in touch with us on our social channels and forums to let us know what your experience is like. This […]