Weekend Login Bonus

This weekend you can pick up some shiny gear….for FREE! Starting on Friday July 6th and running through to Monday July 9th, log in each day to get some fancy rewards: Friday – Weapon Case Key & 1 Day Credit Booster Saturday – 2,500 Fragments & 1 Day Credit Booster Sunday – Loadout Case & 1 Day […]

July 3rd Update: Community Server Fixes and Feature Improvements

In this update we’re fixing a selection of issues with Community Servers and made a few small tweaks around the place FEATURE IMPROVEMENTS Warmup Auto Shuffle Earlier this year we asked you which shuffle method you prefer and it was pretty unanimous. We’re now happy to say this is being implemented, however we’re also taking it one […]

June 20th Update: Menu and Contract Fixes

In this update we’re fixing a couple of small issues to improve your experience when interacting with Dirty Bomb menus: BUG FIX General Fixed issue where two confirmation notifications would appear when Re-Rolling Contracts Fixed issue where Loadout Cards would remain visible in the inventory after being Recycled Fixed issue where Weapon Cases couldn’t be […]


The King of sporting events is here. 4 years since the last World FootBrawl Cup where one country was crowned better than some others; it’s back.  To celebrate balls, goals and feet we’ve put together a whole load of Trinkets for you to show your support to your nation, or the nation you pretend […]

June 13th Update: Preparation and Item Fix

FOOTBRAWL EVENT PREPARATION With a world-wide sporting event on the horizon we thought many of you would like to show off some national pride and support your country of choice, so we’re adding a few shiny things for you to do just that. These items won’t be in the store until tomorrow, but we needed to […]