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The Dockyard Update

Flaming hell!

In an earth-shattering arrival, the latest Objective map is here. With the freshly smouldering wreckage of the CDA airship laying in the docks, a war over what remains is set to erupt.

New Objective Map: Dockyard

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Set in the dilapidated docks of East London, Dockyard continues Jackal's desperate bid for the CDA secrets aboard the airship.

In this three-stage Objective and Stopwatch map, Jackal need to airlift the CDA's armored 'Holodrive' from the wreckage, using only an EV, military grade C4, and a ton of bullets.

Objective 1: Repair the EV

An armed EV lies dormant in a warehouse near the docks.

Storm the warehouse to get to the EV, and repair it as soon as you can.

Objective 2: Escort the EV

Lead the EV through the streets, then through the Loading Bays. Use the routes on either side to gain the upper hand as you go.

Once the EV reaches its destination it will destroy both CDA SAM sites, allowing the chopper to approach the Holodrive.

Objective 3: Destroy the Wreckage

The Holodrive is held fast to its concrete resting place; Encourage it free with C4, allowing the chopper to airlift it out. It can be approached from both sides, making rapid rotation between the two routes integral to your attack.

Once rescued, Jackal will finally have their hands on the intel that could lead to the destruction of the Containment Shield…

Dockyard Map Previews

Get an insight into the various routes and objectives throughout Dockyard, as Shoe. and Naxxus lead a walkthrough of the map.

Dockyard Community Previews

See Dockyard from three very different perspectives in the Dirty Bomb community, ranging from the competitive to the slightly surreal (sorry, Shinywindow).

Dockyard in Ranked Mode

Dockyard will be added to Ranked Mode alongside the release of Ranked Season 3, giving you time to get used to the map before playing it competitively.

Map Narrative

The world of Dirty Bomb is an interconnected series of events. No Jackal mission is executed in isolation, and there is scheming that goes deeper than simple tech heists.

Some changes have been added to the game to make these connections more apparent – See what you can find!

Map Bug Fixes

We've made some small tweaks to two existing maps, clearing up some bugs to make the play experience smoother. These include –


  • Fixed various collision bugs that would snag players
  • Fixed various texture issues
  • Fixed bug where a CDA light hidden on minimal settings at the final CDA spawn would deflect weapons. Collision has now been removed on all settings
  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be hidden by certain decorative objects in the map
  • Fixed bug where the Secondary Repairable Ramp Objective appeared as a Primary Objective for defenders
  • Fixed bug where the Secondary Repairable Ramp Objective's mini map icon was not visible to defenders


  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be hidden by certain decorative objects in the map

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