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The Quick Join Update

Next week we’ll be deploying an update for Dirty Bomb, but until then, have a read about what’s changing.

Quick Join Returns

As part of this update we have re-introduced Quick Join to Dirty Bomb. You can watch the latest Dev Update Video for more information, but Quick Join’s reintroduction means that Casual Matchmaking will no longer be a part of Dirty Bomb. CMM wasn’t giving an optimal play experience for many of our users , with long queue times and poor matchmaking the top complaints about the system. Quick Join returning (with some improvements) will help alleviate those issues.

Quick Join is a feature that some of you will recognise, but it’s returning with some changes:

  • Improved regional server filtering to ensure you’re playing on servers with the best ping for you
  • Adjusted player skill ratings for better match balance
  • NA and EU West Objective Servers will be returning

Min and Max Level Servers

Alongside Quick Join coming back to DB, we’re also bringing back Minimum and Maximum level servers. This means that if you’re below a certain level you’ll only be matched with people in the same bracket and, likewise, if you’re above a certain level you’ll only be matched with people of a similar skill. This should ensure better balanced matches for everyone, and should get everyone well acquainted with Server Browser in preparation for rentable servers coming to the game.

Alongside these we are bringing back the following server types:

  • 6v6 Objective
  • 6v6 Objective Max Level 6
  • 6v6 Objective Level 6 – 10


  • 5v5 Stopwatch FF On, Min Level 10 (Accessible via Server Browser only)
  • 6v6 Stopwatch
  • 7v7 Stopwatch
  • 6v6 Stopwatch Max level 10
  • 6v6 Stopwatch Min Level 10

No More Ranked

The decision to remove CMM and bring back Quick Join will also affect Ranked. As with CMM, the main user complaints about Ranked were long queue times and poor match balance. The population for Ranked was partly responsible for these two issues and not something easy to resolve. We’ll be introducing Quick Join Stopwatch servers to scratch the competitive itch before introducing rentable servers in a few weeks time, allowing you to host your own PUGs.

We will also be adding some 5v5 FF ON servers to the server browser.

Any Ranked Boosters or Ranked Points will be converted into RADs to ensure you don’t miss out:

  • You will get 8 RADs per Ranked Point
  • 7 day boosters are converted to 750 RADs
  • 14 boosters are converted to 1250 RADs
  • 30 boosters are converted to 2000 RADs
  • 90 day boosters are converted to 4000 RADs

DirectX 11

This update will also see DirectX 11 enabled in Dirty Bomb. You’ll be able to select the renderer when you load the game, but please be aware that this is a beta feature. If you run into any bugs then please report them in the official forums, Reddit or by letting us know on our social channels. There are already a couple of known issues with DX11:

  • Cinematics are locked to 60fps
  • In-game options menu flickering in fullscreen
  • Launching in DX11 when your graphics card doesn’t support it will crash the game. If you suffer this error please select DX9 as a launch option

Bug Fixes and Changes

Known Issues

  • Joining a password protected server in server browser will show ‘Incorrect Password’ before a player has entered one
  • Badges do not appear on the post game screen, but credits and exp are still awarded
  • The Stopwatch queue button is incorrectly labelled as 5v5 with FF and Collision on


  • Fixed an issue where the Caulden’s reload SFX would not play in first-person view
  • Fixed an issue where bullet impacts were too loud and could be confused with gunshots
  • Fixed an issue where Headshot sounds were too loud
  • Fixed an issue where there was no audible difference between friendly and enemy Hunter crossbow shots


  • Fixed a bug where players would obtain all Assault Course achievements and Trinkets during the Advanced Movement part of the course
  • Corrected some text in various menus
  • Fixed a bug where the Tølen MP would always recoil to the left
  • Fixed a bug where the background on Loadout previews wouldn’t reflect the rarity of the Loadout

Config Changes

To ensure all players are on an equal playing ground we have disabled two regularly exploited config changes:

  • Disabled a way that players could freeze third person animations
  • Limited the amount that players could lower their shared texture pool size to bring it in line with minimal graphics settings. We have also lowered the default value for minimal settings

Merc Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Redeye could change weapon to the PDA

Map Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the skybox on Trainyard
  • Fixed a bug on Underground that caused players to clip into geometry
  • Fixed a bug on Underground where forward spawn markers were difficult to distinguish from enemy markers
  • Fixed a bug on Dome where the Airship would remain stationary in the air after completing all objectives