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The Shell Shock Update

The Shell Shock Update

Join Turtle in a three week event that will shape Proxy's future, as he also finds, builds and fits her the best cybernetic eye money can buy.

New Merc: Turtle

Old friend Phoenix has coaxed Turtle from his base in Istanbul, Turkey.

An engineer with a relaxed approach to life and giant generator on his back, Turtle bolsters the defensive capabilities of his team in spades. His Laser Shield blocks enemy fire while letting the team shoot right through, providing a cool upper hand in many battlefield scenarios. He's also an objective specialist, repairing faster than you'd expect from someone with his namesake.

New Objective Map: Vault

Jackal have unlocked the secrets of the Holodrive, unearthing detailed schematics of the Containment Shield's power systems. To overload those systems, the first port of call is a giant CDA vault storing two backup Power Cores in central London.

In this three-stage Objective and Stopwatch map, Jackal need to disrupt an AA Command Centre, destroy the vault doors with C4, and then deliver the two Power Cores to the awaiting chopper.

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Shell Shock Event

Turtle has promised Proxy the best cybernetic eye on the market. Which eye that is, is up to you.

Shell Shock is a three week event that has you earning Limited Edition content as you influence the MercSERV stock market to determine Turtle's final decision.

The Shell Shock event will take place on the following dates:

  • London (GMT, UTC): 11:00, Tuesday, July 11th – 11:00, Tuesday, August 1st
  • Los Angeles (PDT): 4:00 AM, Tuesday, July 11th – 4:00 AM, Tuesday, August 1st
  • Sydney (AEDT): 9:00 PM, Tuesday, July 11th – 9:00 PM, Tuesday, August 1st

Shell Shock Loadout Cards

Limited Edition Shell Shock Loadout Cards can be earned during the course of the event, in any of the three Branded Equipment cases, random drops during play, and through purchasing Shell Shock Elite Cases.


Earn this limited time currency simply by playing in matches, or pick up bundles of them in the Store.

From playing in matches, 0.1 of the Base Fee of Credits you earn will be equivalent to the number of Hexads you earn.

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Cyber Eye Event Case

This case will unlock some time after the conclusion of the event, and will contain a random Limited Edition Proxy Loadout Card that includes her new cybernetic eye.

Shell Shock Equipment Cases

Three variants of Equipment Case can be purchased through the event, featuring three different Corporations. Buying Equipment Cases increases that Corporation's share value, bringing the cost of that case up and the others down. The most popular Case at the end of the event will determine the style of Proxy's final cybernetic eye.

TRIFOLD Equipment Case

TRIFOLD aren't pissing around. This military equipment supplies corp stands for nothing less than full-blown firepower and strength. Subtlety isn't in their dictionary, but they do know their audience.

Purchase a TRIFOLD Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

CoreSEC Equipment Case

CoreSEC are a major subcontractor for the CDA's low-level security operations. 'To Protect and Serve those who Protect and Serve' is this defense focused corporation's motto.

Purchase a CoreSEC Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

GH Equipment Case

GH Research is big pharma writ large. They're a hugely successful biotech and medical science outfit, with many fingers in many different pies.Purchase a GH Equipment Case for a 1% chance of scoring a Shell Shock Loadout Card for one random Merc, and to push Turtle's final decision in their favor.

Drop Booster

Shell Shock Event Cases, guaranteeing a Shell Shock Loadout Card, will randomly drop to lucky players in matches throughout the event.Improve your chances of getting one with boosters, which can be stacked to increase them further, but are consumed when a Shell Shock Event Case does drop.

For a full run-down on the event, check out this video!

Buy in the Store

Shell Shock Obsidian Pack

Pick up Turtle at the same time as a Limited Edition Obsidian Loadout Card, complete with a mohawk and… yes… a turtleneck sweater. Only available in Store until the 1st of August.

Hexadic Trinket

Want to make the most of the Shell Shock event?Equipping the Hexadic Trinket will not only give you 50% extra Hexads for every match you complete, but boosts the Hexad earnings of ALL players in your matches by 5%!

These stack up to an additional 50%, so the more players have them equipped, the more everyone will earn!

The Hexad Trinket also has a custom inspect animation, and is highlighted in the Obituaries when you make kills.

Shell Shock Comic

Over the next three weeks, the story of Turtle, Phoenix, Proxy and the Holodrive will unfold.

Catch the first part here, and tune in on the 18th and 25th of July for the rest of the story.


From today, Dome has been removed from 'Quick Join' and 'Server Browser' servers and is now only available to be played in 'Ranked' matches. It's going to be receiving a bit of a make-over in an update to come and we'll share more on it closer to that time.


A selection of new achievements have been added for you to work towards and earn.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where players would be penalized due to inactivity during a 'Pause'
  • Fixed bug where estimated queue time showed a longer time than it should have
  • Fixed bug where estimated queue time was not visible when searching with a custom map selection
  • Fixed bug where text would overlap when a Ranked Season 3 case dropped


  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be placed and transported on carryable objectives
  • Fixed bug where the health regeneration timer expired when incapacitated
  • Fixed bug where reviving incapacitated team mates using the Quick Ability 2 button gave ~16 % more HP than using the 'Interact' button
  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to switch to a melee weapon after deploying a deployable
  • Fixed bug where weapons could fire without pressing the 'Fire' key
  • Fixed bug where it was sometimes difficult to place deployables on elevated surfaces
  • Fixed bug where deployables could be reclaimed through walls
  • Fixed bug where deployables would not disappear when a player changed teams


  • Fixed bug where Obsidian Operative Fletcher's sunglasses looked grained on minimal graphic settings
  • Fixed bug where Bushwhacker's defusing animation was an incomplete loop
  • Fixed bug where Obsidian Operative first person view-arms would show with a non-Obsidian Operative Loadout Card
  • Fixed bug where the Battle Hardened Trinket's obituary flair was misaligned
  • Fixed bug where Ranked Season 2 Trinkets did not shine correctly



  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could be placed inside the final carryable objective


  • Fixed bug where secondary objective generator doors in Dockyard had no audio
  • Fixed bug where 'Wreckage' was misspelled

Chapel, Dome and Trainyard

  • Fixed bug where it was possible to plant on a secondary objective after the primary has been completed


  • Fixed bug where players received negative XP for suiciding when pressing 'K'
  • Fixed bug where no message was displayed when attempting to Craft a Loadout Card without sufficient Credits
  • Fixed bug where some abilities' tooltips were cut off on lower resolutions
  • Fixed bug where rewards from Arsenal Crates were not highlighted
  • Fixed bug where post-game lobbies and end-game screens displayed different XP scores
  • Fixed bug where players earned too much Mission XP when playing Stopwatch
  • Fixed bug where 'Sign-In' failed on certain routers

Known Issues

  • Issue where a server can crash when a player connects
  • Minor graphical issues on 'Vault'
  • Some translations for event content are missing

All of these will be fixed in an upcoming update!