News / Unreleased Map: Agency

Unreleased Map: Agency

In our final piece of big, unreleased content we wanted to share with you all what would have been Dirty Bomb’s next map; Agency. This is just a taste of the art, so head over to our ArtStation page to see more.

Agency was to be a new objective / stopwatch map set in Central London.  The vision for the map was to create a new space, with a new objective flow without adding new complex objective mechanics. It played off on the idea of a secret research lab under a spy agency, taking influence from the James Bond franchise, The Kingsmen and the Secret Intelligence Service building in London.

The map, like other objective / stopwatch maps, had three sections which were broken down into three distinct themes; our take on the SIS building where players would battle to disable the buildings security measures in the lobby and corridors of the building before descending into the secret brick tunnels under the building to repair an experimental EV and finally emerging out onto the banks of the Thames where they would escort the EV to victory.

Below is a look at the flow of the map, and some more specific details about the objectives, mood and visuals.


OBJ1 – Disable the security:

  • Destroy the Security console to open up the Research Areas

OBJ2 – Bring the prototype EV online:

  • Make the prototype EV operational to extract it

OBJ3 – Escort the EV out of the building:

  • Deliver the EV to a hovercraft docked at a nearby CDA pontoon


Time of Day / Weather / Lighting

Time of Day

  • Dawn. This allows the map to have an eye-catching final vista with a low rising sun visible across the Thames


  • Careful use of a low sun to not impact gameplay too much. Fairly high key and ambient feel, with decent bounce


  • Clear, Crisp and Sunny. Sporadic but strong cloud formations, not too hazy. Potential for mist/fog rolling across the river

Atmosphere / Destruction

The SIS building was hastily abandoned by the British Government then locked up to keep out looters. The interior is somewhat messy because of the hasty evacuation and some bits of tech and equipment has been left behind.

The CDA decided to take over the building and make use of the facilities and take whatever they could find in the files, servers and research labs.

Visually, the map should sign little wear or destruction. The only evidence of the quick evacuation and “packing up” of the building should be visible. Exterior areas might show signs of overgrowth and uncleanliness. Exterior panels/windows would be dirty/muddy.

The atmosphere should be light, quiet and airy. Lots of natural light spilling in from skylights/windows where possible.